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By: Photon R&d  09-12-2011
Keywords: Electronics, Technology Solutions, Fiber Optics


The staff at Photon R&D share a common vision, "to provide superior engineered products and technology solutions to our valued customers while achieving the highest level of quality, service, and efficiency."  We allow our valued customers to reduce overhead by offloading their critical design engineering work to our experienced scientists and engineers.

We provide our clients and customers with solutions that work – the first time. We work with you to determine the level of technology you need to provide the most cost-effective solution. There is no sense in adding unnecessary complexity or technology risk to a design.  We believe that the simplest design is the best design.  The challenge is finding the simplest solution to your complex problem.  This is where our knowledge and experience saves you both time and money.

Photon R&D follows a strict new product introduction (NPI) process that focuses on understanding the customer first and maintaining quality at all levels – whether in communication, design, qualification testing, manufacturing, or product support.  Our objective is to earn your repeat business and referrals, and we do this by ensuring you are completely satisfied.

Listed below are some of the technologies and products we have developed:


Fiber optic temperature sensors for various applications including semiconductor and dielectric etch silicon wafer processing, transformer hot spot monitoring, power switch gear monitoring, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to name a few.

Technologies:  Fluorescent time decay measurement, electrostatic chuck (ESC) sensing, interferometers, custom fiber optics, super luminescent LED’s, lasers, vacuum & pressure fiber optic feedthrus, plastic optical fiber.

Fiber optic pressure sensors for SAGD down hole pressure monitoring.
Image: solutions_pressure.jpg

Technologies:  White light interferometry, digital signal processing, laser and electron beam welding, ruggedized optical fiber, hydrogen aging, glass-to-metal sealing & bonding.

Position Sensors for robotic position sensing and silicon wafer processing applications.

Technologies:  Opto-mechanical systems design, amplifiers and switching electronics design.

Spectrometers and accessories for various applications including wafer processing end point detection, chemical and biological studies, laser wavelength stabilization and basic research.

Technologies:  Mirror and lens systems, diffraction gratings, precision CCD detection, USB & Ethernet electronics, LabView development, and optical wavelength calibration.

Sulfur Analyzers for ultra-low sulfur diesel and biofuel monitoring.

Technologies: Chemiluminescence, chemical fluorescence, Photo-multiplier tubes, precision injection, hydrocarbon chemistry and cracking.

Optical gas flow meters for steam, natural gas, biogas, associated gas and flare stack emissions measurement.

Technologies: Precision opto-mechanics, high power lasers, avalanche photo-diodes, correlation algorithms, sapphire window sealing, Solidworks pressure vessel design, finite element analysis, flow simulation and meter calibration.

CCD Vision systems and scanners for silicon wafer process monitoring and robot position teaching.

Technologies:  Electronic image acquisition and real-time digital signal processing, image feature recognition, Radio Frequency (RF) blue-tooth communications, Zemax optical modeling and simulation.

Keywords: Electronics, Engineered Products, Fiber Optics, Technology Solutions, WAFER PROCESSING