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Along with spectrometers, Photon Control manufactures a wide range of spectroscopy light sources, fiber optic patchcords and other sampling accessories.

The development and evolution of compact spectrometers over the last 10 years has moved this important tool from the lab bench to many new scientific and industrial applications. These compact spectrometers or spectral engines are able to split light into its component wavelengths and send this information to a computer. Since 2004, Photon Control has been developing and manufacturing innovative, compact spectrometers, for customers worldwide.

Applications of compact spectrometers in both scientific and industrial markets are extremely diverse. In chemistry, biology and medical applications, the absorption or reflectance of light into substances can be used to identify chemical content. In industry this information can be used in analytical or process control instruments for quality control or to monitor for contaminants. In security applications, this can be used to detect the presence of banned or dangerous substances. In the world of physics, the applications are also very wide. In industry the inspection of optical and optoelectronic components such as lasers, filters, thin-films and LEDs are common applications. Compact spectrometers are used to monitor specialized processes in semiconductor manufacturing. Also, a variety of specialized fiber optic sensors rely on spectral content for their operation.

Photon Control's compact spectrometers are designed to be easy to use so that customers are able to get real measurements in their application quickly. They are able to connect with a variety of Photon Control or industry standard sampling accessories and light sources. This makes them an integral part of a flexible measurement solution. Along with spectrometers, Photon Control manufactures a wide range of spectroscopy light sources, fiber optic patchcords and other sampling accessories.

Photon Control's unique spectrometer optical bench designs offer unparalleled resolution in a small footprint. For OEM applications, customers can take advantage of the onboard DSP that is inside all Photon Control spectrometers. This can be used for filtering, signal processing and other computationally intensive spectrum analysis algorithms. In this way the spectrometer can be integrated directly into the customer's process and supply application specific measurements.

For PC based process control solutions, we offer easy to use software development kits for Labview, Visual C++, Visual Basic and .NET. This enables customers to quickly integrate Photon Control spectrometers into their application software.

Photon Controls spectrometers are the spectral engines of a rapidly increasing number applications that make this critical conversion from optical to electronic information.

Back-Thinned CCD Spectrometers

Photon Control offers a CCD spectrometer product line based on the Hamamatsu S9840 back-thinned CCD technology. The SPM-002 is the most versatile spectrometer in the Photon Control product line. It is now available with a Hamamatsu S9840 back-thinned CCD detector for very high UV sensitivity. These UV spectrometers offer:

  • Very high UV sensitivity with a quantum efficiency of 55% at 250nm
  • Quantum efficiency of over 90% at some wavelengths
  • High dynamic range 5200:1
  • 16-bit A/D converter and high speed USB 2.0 interface
  • Pre-configured models available starting at $3,299
  • Best price and performance available anywhere for a compact spectrometer

Front-side Illuminated Silicon CCD Spectrometers

The SPM-002 uses a proprietary optical design to achieve a higher resolution than other spectrometers of the same size on the market. Our spectrometers are the only ones equipped with an internal DSP chip. There is no need for an external computer to process data. It also boasts powerful software based on Labview which can be easily integrated into existing software using one of our development kits.

  • Based on the 3648 pixel Toshiba TCD1304 CCD
  • 8um pitch for high resolution and excellent signal to noise ratio
  • Powerful DSP inside that can be used as a stand-alone controller for OEM applications
  • Unique 3-D optical bench which provides unmatched resolution for a compact spectrometer
  • Robust industrial design for durability and for demanding OEM applications
Photo Model Number
(Spec Sheet)
Description Spectral Range
(Center Edge)
Compact Visible Spectrometer 400-700 0.5/0.6 $1,919
Compact UV Spectrometer 190-400 0.6/0.7 $2,199
Compact Vis/NIR Spectrometer 350-1000 0.5/1.2 $1,919
Compact UV/Vis Spectrometer 200-850 0.6/1.6 $2,199
Compact UV/Vis/NIR Spectrometer 200-1090 0.8/2.0 $2,299
High Resolution Spectrometer 740-860 0.12/0.18 $2,599
High Resolution Spectrometer 680-920 0.24/0.32 $2,599
High Resolution Spectrometer 900-1700 3.5/5 $12,900
High Resolution Spectrometer 1250-2500 5/8 $21,500

NIR InGaAs Spectrometers

The SPM-002 is now available with a InGaAs CCD detector to extend its spectral range up to 1700nm. The SPM-002 works extremely well with the SPL family of light sources and other accessories available at Photon Control.

  • Based on the Hamamatsu G9204-512D InGaAs CCD
  • 512 pixels and 25um pitch for excellent NIR spectral resolution
  • Spectral range from 900-1700nm
  • Exposure time as low as 10usec for high speed applications

Spectroscopy Light Sources

  • Mercury Argon, Deuterium and Halogen sources to cover 200-2000nm spectral range
  • Suitable for R&D and OEM applications

Halogen Light Source

The SPL-2H Halogen Light Source has been designed for Industrial, Research and Development and Educational applications. It efficiently couples light into an optical fiber by using a combined reflector and lens optical collection system. It includes an integrated cooling fan which allows for a higher light output than competitor models while at the same time extends the life of the bulb, and makes the unit easy and safe to work with. This makes it convenient for desktop and laboratory use or in applications where high temperature may be a concern.

SPL-2H Halogen Light Source Highlights

  • 4 times more light output than competitive fiber optic halogen light sources focused directly into optical fiber
  • Dimmer control for fine tuning of output intensity
  • Inline filter holder for customizing of output wavelength
  • Integrated cooling fan for higher light output with extended bulb life and easier handling


  • Spectral Range (nm) - 350 to 2000
  • Lifetime (MTBF) (hours) - 10,000 (at nominal light output level)
  • Fiber Connector - SMA
  • Recommended Fiber - 200 micron core or larger, NA0.22
  • Color Temperature (K) - 2800
  • Light Output Adjustment (%) - -30 / +40

HGAR Wavelength Calibration Light Source

The SPL-HGAR Mercury Argon Calibration Source is designed for Industrial, Research and Development and Educational applications. It has calibration reference lines ranging from 253.65 nm to 965.78 nm that can be used to calibrate a number of light based sensors. It is so accurate it is used by Photon Control to calibrate its own Spectrometers. It is available with either SMAor FC receptacles.


  • Spectral Range (nm) - 250 to 1000
  • Lifetime (MTBF) (hours) - 3,000 (at nominal light output level)
  • Fiber Connector – SMA (FC on request)
  • Recommended Fiber - 200 micron core or larger, NA0.22

Ask about bundling your calibration source with some of our other spectral products like spectrometers and fiber patch cords. Discounts may be available.

Deuterium Halogen Light Source

The SPL-1DH Deuterium Halogen Light Source has been designed for Industrial, Research and Development and Educational applications. It offers a wide spectral range of 200 to 1100nm which makes it suitable for the UV, Visible and IR regions. It boasts separately controlled Deuterium and Halogen sources can be operated either individually or as a combined source, using external switches or TTLsignals. It also includes a mechanical shutter that can be controlled with either an external switch or TTL signal.

SPL-1DH Deuterium Halogen Light Source Highlights

  • Integrated UV, Visible and IR light source
  • Wide spectral range from 200 to 1100 nm
  • Can be used as either a Deuterium, Halogen or Combined source


  • Spectral Range (nm) - 200 to 1100
  • Lifetime (MTBF) (hours), Deuterium lamp – 1000; Halogen lamp - 2000
  • Fiber Connector - SMA
  • Recommended Fiber - 100 micron core or larger, Numerical Aperture 0.22

Spectroscopy Analysis and Display Software

  • Powerful SPECSOFT intuitive user interface software included free with each spectrometer
  • SPECSOFT includes filtering, analysis, data logging and spectrum visualization tools
  • SPECSOFT-PRO is available with color and concentration measurement modules
  • LabView, VB and C++ software development kits are available for customized applications
  • SPECSOFT software tour available for a full preview

Spectroscopy Analysis and Display Software

SPECSOFT is Photon Control's user friendly display and analysis program. It communicates with SPM-00X series Spectrometers through a USB connection and provides a real-time interface to a variety of visualization and signal-processing functions.

Analysis Software Features

  • Full featured spectrum visualization tools
  • Bullet Proof stable USB connection, TRUE plug-N-play
  • Measure Absorbencies, Transmittance, Reflectance, Fluorescence and Concentration via concentration calculation mode
  • Measures CIELAB Color, L* a* b* and RBC Color in Real-time
  • Advanced data logging with ability to auto start/stop, take finite acquisitions, and buffering
  • Detailed post experiment analysis in history review panel

Labview Software Development Kit

LabVIEW software development kit (SDK) is developed in a LabVIEW environment. It enables end users to either use SubVIs or (Dynamic Link Library) DLL in LabVIEW environment to control SPM-00X series spectrometers.

Software Development Kit Features

  • Primitive SubVIs and library functions; easy for integrating SPM-00X series spectrometers into customized applications
  • Control all aspects of data acquisition and processing from SPM-00X series spectrometers
  • Detailed documentation and easy to understand example applications
  • Supports both LabVIEW 7.X and 8.X

Visual C++/Visual Basic Software Development Kit

Visual C++ (VC++) software development kit (SDK) is developed in C++ environment. It enables end users to control a SPM-00X series Spectrometer using C++ by calling library functions from SPM002.DLL. Included is a Visual Basic (VB) software development kit (SDK) is developed in VB environment. It enables end users to control a SPM-00X series Spectrometer using VB by calling library functions from SPM002.DLL.

Software Development Kit Features

  • Primitive library functions; easy for integrating SPM-00X series spectrometers into customized applications
  • Control all aspects of data acquisition and processing from SPM-00X series spectrometers
  • VC++ project example with detailed documentation
  • Supports Visual Studio 6 or up
  • VB project example with detailed documentation

Photon Control offers a wide range of spectroscopy accessories. These are designed to operate in conjunction with Photon Control Spectrometers and Light sources for Absorption/Transmission, Fluorescence, Reflectance and Scattering measurement applications.

The cuvette holder is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for fluorescence, transmission, absorption and scattering measurements. It has 4 input/outputs to support a variety of different applications. As well, it includes a filter holder to customize either input or output spectral characteristics.

It accepts standard 10mm pathlength cuvettes for measurements in the UV, Visible and NIR wavelengths. Photon's cuvette holders work well when combined with a Photon Control spectrometer, light source and SpecSoft software, as an integrated measurement solution.

The reflectance probe is a robust, multipurpose tool for reflectance measurements. It uses 7, 200 um core optical fibers in the probe tip for light output and detection. The center fiber is then split into one end of the bifurcated patchcord and the other 6 fibers into the other end.

Photon's reflectance probe can be used for such applications as reflectivity, color and thin film thickness measurements.

The reflectance probe holder is used to securely position the reflectance probe at either 90 degrees or 45 degrees with respect to the sample. Set screws are available for each of these angles to enable the user to set the distance from the sample.

The breakout board allows the user to conveniently access additional features of the Photon Control spectrometers. The breakout board plugs into the spectrometer through its 30 pin interface connector. This allows the user to access 4 analog inputs, 3 digital outputs and 4 digital inputs through convenient screw terminals. As well, the external trigger input can be accessed from these same terminals, or through a button for manual trigger operation.

Our proficient engineering matched with low overhead cost gives us the capability of offering lower cost spectrometer accessories and products that outperform those of our competitors. For further information please contact us as follows:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: 604-422-8861
Fax: 604-422-8409

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