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By: Photon Control  09-12-2011
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Digital Temperature Sensors

The PalmSENSE is a compact digital fiber optic temperature sensor bringing accuracy, durability, and reliability to the palm of your hand. Battery operation gives the user freedom to move between critical sensing points and store data directly to the units internal memory.

A mini-USB 2.0 digital output provides data transfer between the PalmSENSE and a computer, and is used to recharge the battery.

PalmSENSE is compatible with all Photon Control temperature probes, giving a digital handheld temperature sensing system suited to any environment. Ask us how we can fit a specific temperature probe to your particular application. Volume discounts are available.

If you need to go out and conduct a field study, to quickly check operation of a unit but don’t have a laptop nearby, or monitor the success of probe installation during setup then PalmSENSE is what you need. Unlike unwieldy competitor products, that barely qualify as a handheld device and require the user to stock bulky spare batteries, the PalmSENSE fiber optic temperature sensor was designed from the ground up as a mobile device. Overall size is comparable to a thick PDA.

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor Highlights:

  • Exceptional accuracy down to 50 mK,10mK resolution, 11Hz sampling rate
  • Portable design with large touchscreen color display
  • Wide temperature range
  • Rechargeable internal battery
  • 20Mb internal data storage
  • Interactive software
  • Cost comparable to traditional thermocouple thermometers
  • Fully functional Palm Z22 PDA, including Organizer, Clock, Memo, Calculator, and Contacts.

Fluotemp Temperature Sensor Probe

Photon Control seized fluorescent temperature sensing technology and advanced it to a whole new level with its Fluotemp temperature probe product line. We are proud to say that our temperature sensors offer the fastest response times, greatest accuracy and long-term stability, and most robust designs in the industry.

The Photon Control fiber optic temperature sensor system consists of a fiber optic temperature sensor probe, a fiber optic cable, and an fiber optic temperature sensor opto-electronic converter. The fiber optic temperature sensor probe is used to measure the temperature of the media, and will output an optical signal which is temperature dependant.

Did we mention that we are also the most cost effective? Our temperature sensor probes are immune to electro-magnetic interference, transparent to x-rays, resistant to harsh chemical environments, small and flexible enough to fit just about anywhere.

Fluotemp Temperature Converters

Fluotemp Temperature Converters are designed to work seamlessly with the Fluotemp line of Temperature Probes. They boast easy DIN rail mounting, high sampling rate, good accuracy, high resolution, and the ability to output in either Celsius, Kelvin or Fahrenheit. All Fluotemp temperature products come with a 1-year limited warranty and are among the lowest cost Temperature Converters on the market.

These converters are compatible with the FluoTemp family of temperature probes. From tens of mK resolution scientific systems to decade long critical system monitoring in industrial applications, ask us how we can fit a specific converter and probe to your particular application. Volume discounts are available.

Temperature Converter Highlights:

  • DIN rail mountable saves installation time
  • Ability of up to 32 channel arrays means you spend time measuring, not wiring and configuring you system
  • 16bit analog output 4-20mA,
  • ModBus protocol over RS-485
  • Drivers for LabView and Visual Basic allows you to integrate into any digital environment
  • 22 Hz sampling rate captures quick processes

Photon Control's extension cables are designed to be rugged and versatile, without the high cost of other cables on the market. Many of our extension cables are virtually indestructible and can achieve extremely sharp bends without affecting transmission. Our connectors are specifically chosen for their low insertion loss and dimensional stability.

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These two products provide accurate and reliable temperature measurement of critical components that can assist in maximizing the life expectancy and avoiding catastrophic failure to Transformers, Generators, Switchgears, and High Voltage Connectors to name a few. Photon Control believes in a partnership approach to tailor their solutions and manufacturing processes to match the requirements of the end use application.



It includes an integrated cooling fan which allows for a higher light output than competitor models while at the same time extends the life of the bulb, and makes the unit easy and safe to work with. The development and evolution of compact spectrometers over the last 10 years has moved this important tool from the lab bench to many new scientific and industrial applications.


Sensors Positioning - Photon Control Inc

Photon Control positioning sensors are used in the semi-conductor industry to monitor the movement of silicon wafers as they are passed by robotic arms. The use of our sensors has give the semi-conductor industry the ability to collect data on the amount of movement that occurs during manufacturing. Other non-contact sensors are unable to operate in this environment making it impossible to monitor the movement of the wafers.


Sensors Displacement - Photon Control Inc

Photon Control displacement sensors are ideally suited for high RF, microwave and EMI environments where traditional displacement sensors do not perform. Photon Control R&D is capable to develop the custom optical displacement for different industries and application in order to meet customer requirements. Photon produced two types of sensors, contact and non-contact.


Sensors Pressure - Photon Control Inc

Photon Controls pressure sensors are an ideal solution for heavy oil wells implementing Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage for oil recovery. It is a very robust probe that can provide an accurate measurement in a RF environment and are optimized for easy OEM integration. Photon Control pressure sensors are based on the light interference phenomena and fiber optics technology.