By: Photon Control  09-12-2011
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The PowerTemp Series consists of a Compact Multi-Channel Temperature Transmitter and Compact Single-channel Temperature Transmitter. These two products provide accurate and reliable temperature measurement of critical components that can assist in maximizing the life expectancy and avoiding catastrophic failure to Transformers, Generators, Switchgears, and High Voltage Connectors to name a few. The Power Temp Series is fast, accurate, robust and is price competitive, which sets them apart from industry competitors.

FTC-PTM-ST-XXCH -Compact Multi-Channel Temperature Transmitter

The Compact Multi-Channel Temperature Transmitter is ideal for multi-point temperature measurement applications.

The Compact Multi-Channel Temperature Transmitter enables measurement in high voltage, high RF and high electro-magnetic interference environments, when using compatible FluoTemp temperature sensor probes. Standard system configuration comes with 6 channels expandable; up to 250 channels. The Temperature measurement accuracy is +/-1.0°C. with digital resolution that is 0.1°C. A sampling measurement of A.1.0Hz ensures accurate measurement. This Compact Multi-Channel Temperature Transmitter is well suited for High Voltage Connectors, Temperature Monitoring for Vacuum Breaker Strips, Transformer Winding Hot Spots and more.

FTC-PTM-ST -Compact Single-Channel Temperature Transmitter

The PowerTemp Series Compact Single-Channel Temperature Transmitter is perfect for Power Industry OEM applications, as it is cost effective and provides a wide measuring range in a compact size

For OEM customers, Photon Control believes in a partnership approach to tailor their solutions and manufacturing processes to match the requirements of the end use application. Photon Control offers three Class 1000 clean rooms, in an ISO 9001:2008 Certified manufacturing facility and has a team of experts, well-trained in the configuration and usage of all Photon Control’s measurement technology solutions. Photon Control strives to meet and exceed their customer’s expectations by successfully bringing their ideas to life.

Keywords: Temperature Measurement, temperature sensor

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It includes an integrated cooling fan which allows for a higher light output than competitor models while at the same time extends the life of the bulb, and makes the unit easy and safe to work with. The development and evolution of compact spectrometers over the last 10 years has moved this important tool from the lab bench to many new scientific and industrial applications.


Sensors Positioning - Photon Control Inc

Photon Control positioning sensors are used in the semi-conductor industry to monitor the movement of silicon wafers as they are passed by robotic arms. The use of our sensors has give the semi-conductor industry the ability to collect data on the amount of movement that occurs during manufacturing. Other non-contact sensors are unable to operate in this environment making it impossible to monitor the movement of the wafers.


Sensors Displacement - Photon Control Inc

Photon Control displacement sensors are ideally suited for high RF, microwave and EMI environments where traditional displacement sensors do not perform. Photon Control R&D is capable to develop the custom optical displacement for different industries and application in order to meet customer requirements. Photon produced two types of sensors, contact and non-contact.


Sensors Temperature - Photon Control Inc

Unlike unwieldy competitor products, that barely qualify as a handheld device and require the user to stock bulky spare batteries, the PalmSENSE fiber optic temperature sensor was designed from the ground up as a mobile device. Photon Control seized fluorescent temperature sensing technology and advanced it to a whole new level with its Fluotemp temperature probe product line.


Sensors Pressure - Photon Control Inc

Photon Controls pressure sensors are an ideal solution for heavy oil wells implementing Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage for oil recovery. It is a very robust probe that can provide an accurate measurement in a RF environment and are optimized for easy OEM integration. Photon Control pressure sensors are based on the light interference phenomena and fiber optics technology.