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By: Photographybb  09-12-2011

VANCOUVER, Canada – Dec 21st, 2010 – Today, PhotographyBB announces the release of the Portrait Magic Pro Action Package for Photoshop Elements (Versions 8 and 9). Portrait Magic Pro allows users to perform an instant, professional level portrait retouch to their high resolution digital images in seconds, giving them a perfect finish for print or digital display.

Portrait Magic Pro retains natural skin texture while smoothing …

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We post one new challenge to our forums monthly, were everyone is welcome to push themselves in coming up with spectacular photos based on the theme which we assign. Photo challenges (or photo “assignments”) are a great way of helping us to step out of our comfort zones with the camera. Remember, the name of the game here is not only great photography, but having.


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PhotographyBB Magazine is a free, downloadable monthly publication with the goal of educating beginner to intermediate level photographers, and has become a leading resource in the future of free information distribution. Nov 30th, 2011 – VANCOUVER, CANADA: PhotographyBB announced today, the release of the 46th edition of the downloadable PhotographyBB Online Magazine. Digital Photography tips and techniques, DSLR camera function.


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Beyond Thirds: A Photographer’s Introduction to Creative Composition introduces the so-called traditional compositional rules, and then blows right past them. Andrew S. Gibson examines things like the Rule of Thirds, and shows us why it works in some cases, and why we should consider throwing it.