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By: Phoenix Nutraceuticals  09-12-2011

Maxweet™ - Sucralose

Maxweet™ Sucralose from Nutrakey Industries is the only non-caloric, non-nutritive, high-intensity sweetener which is derived from sugar directly. Maxweet™- unique combination of sugar-like taste and excellent stability allows sucralose to be used as a replacement for sugar in virtually every type of food and beverage, including in home cooking and baking.

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Europure™ Bilberry Extract 25% from RHL is one of the purest Europe Bilberry Extract with 25% min Anthocyanidins and 36% min Anthocyanosides. Without any adultary of any other relative species of Berries. Cost is around 3 times more than some adultary Bilberry Ext. The chromatographic fingerprint out of EP6 Specs. Partically Water Soluble, water insolubles 10.0. More or less 19 peaks, time also not match EP6.


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