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By: Of Commerce  09-12-2011

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HotFrog is an online business directory service launched in Australia by Reed Business Information. HotFrog is now operating in 15 countries across the globe. A web 2.0 product, HotFrog allows users to add their business details and edit them at any time. Each HotFrog is local for the country it is launched in. is the premier B2B search engine, aggregating news, blogs, supplier information, and other relevant content from across the web. With an index of over 200 million high quality B2B documents, Zibb employs powerful categorization algorithms to organize content into industry verticals. Combined with a streamlined interface and intuitive advanced search tools, the discovery of content has never been easier. Whether searching for a vendor, researching a market, or simply looking for industry news, Zibb is sure to simplify the information needs of the B2B professional.