Nicola Valley Institute of Technology : Student Society

By: Nvit  09-12-2011

The Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT) Student Society comprises all registered full- and part-time students. Membership in the Society commences at registration, upon payment of the membership fee, and ceases at the semester following the last semester of study. The Student Society works to protect students' rights and advocates for the interests of its members. The Society organizes social, recreational and cultural activities. An elected executive is composed of representatives from the various NVIT programs. The Society implements the work of the Student Society on behalf of all NVIT students. Executive members are also responsible for representing students in meetings with the NVIT and external community. Students elect program representatives each fall.

For information about the Society, or a copy of the Society's Constitution and Bylaws, stop by the Student Society office located in the Student Centre, on the main floor of the NVIT Merritt campus.

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Nicola Valley Institute of Technology : Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office has information and assistance for students on applying for government and NVIT administered awards, budgeting and money management, program and education costs, appealing government student loan decisions and sources of student aid. Fee DeferralsIn order to register, students who annot pay full fees and who have enough student loan approved to cover their fees, may be granted fee deferrals by the Financial Aid Office.


Nicola Valley Institute of Technology : Government Student Assistance Programs

The amount of funding received is set by a standard means test which is used to assess the needs of EVERY student who applies and may come in the form of a Canada Student Loan / BC Student Loan / Canada Study Grant / Canada Millennium Scholarship / BC Grant. Adult Basic Education Student Assistance Program A needs-based grant program available to students enrolling in programs such as College Readiness.


Nicola Valley Institute of Technology : NVIT Awards Program

NEW* Community Award - NVIT will be sponsoring an award for a student from each community that sponsors three or more students at NVIT. The community award will be awarded to the student based on academic standing and active participation within the NVIT community. Citizenship Awards - All programs, high GPA, minimum 80% course load each semester, contribute in a positive way to NVIT.