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NVIT Internal Awards Program

The NVIT Internal Award Program is growing! In this limited space we would like to take a brief moment to acknowledge the generous supporters of our awards and recognize their contributions. NVIT students greatly appreciate the recognition of their effort and achievement through contributed awards. NVIT has growing endowment funds and may also have awards not listed at the time of publication. Interested parties wishing to become supporters of our Awards Program and/or Endowment Funds may contact the Financial Aid Office staff, who will be pleased to provide information and guidance.

Awards are listed below in alphabetical order. Generally, if you do not have to apply for the award, it will be based on academic achievement. Program specific awards are indicated.

F. Gordon Antoine Memorial Entrance Scholarship

Entrance Awards -
NVIT will be handing out twenty-six $1,000 entrance awards between May 23 and Aug 15. Each week two names will be chosen from individuals that have applied to NVIT. Individuals that have received a full offer prior to August 15 are eligible. Selections will take place every Friday afternoon until August 15. The $1,000 award will be disbursed in two increments upon confirmation of 80% course load and attendance: $500 the last week of September and $500 the last week of January.

Community Award
- NVIT will be sponsoring an award for a student from each community (Band, First Nation, etc.) that sponsors three or more students at NVIT. This award will be in the community's name and will be handed out at its annual award ceremony. Students must be attending either the Merritt or Burnaby campuses of NVIT and be enrolled in a minimum 60% course load in both semesters. The community award will be awarded to the student based on academic standing and active participation within the NVIT community.

Adult Basic Education Association of BC Achievement Award - College Readiness students only. No application.  $100.00
Academic Achievement Awards - All programs, highest GPA for the year based on a minimum 80% course load per semester. No application. Amounts vary depending on budget.
Ava Dean/BC Association of Social Workers Award - 3rd year Social Work Students: BCASW member, active in school affairs, demonstrating class participation, leadership skills, good academics, BCASW financial need, and outstanding  achievement. Apply in February. Application available at the Financial Aid Office. Department selection. $500.00
BC Association of Social Workers Membership Award - Social Work students: BCASW applicant, active in school affairs. Department selection. Annual membership. 
Campus Living Centres Award - Awarded to an outstanding student who is involved in Campus Life and must be a resident of the NVIT Student Housing. $250.00.
Canadian Institute of Forestry Award - NRT Forestry graduating award, high academics and strong leadership.  No application.  Department selection. Gold medal in plaque.
Catherine and George Ahdemar Memorial Award(s) - One College Readiness scholarship and one First Year Academic and Indigenous Studies Scholarship in recognition of citizenship. No application.  Department selection.  $150.00 each.
Citizenship Awards - All programs, high GPA, minimum 80% course load each semester, contribute in a positive way to NVIT.  No application.  Department selection.  NVIT glass mug
Clayton Resources Ltd. - LEPP student. Department selection. $1,000.
Coldwater Indian Band Award - 3rd or 4th year Social Work Award.  Aboriginal ancestry with highest GPA.  No application. $300.00
Commercial Solutions Award - for 2nd year NRT recognizing field work.  No application.  Department selection. Prize: GPS receiver
Crossroads Interior Elders Society Award - awarded to a student who has shown initiative and hard wook in their studies. $200.00.
Dwayne Yamelst Memorial Award - NRT 1st year continuing to 2nd year, high GPA.  No application.  Department selection. $500.00
Ganhada Group Award - for a student graduating with either their certificate or diploma from the Aboriginal Community Economic Development or Business Administration programs. Awarded based on academic standing, community service and financial need. $1,000.00.
Espresso Etcetera Awards - All programs, full-time, financial need, good standing. One awarded in the Fall Semester and one in the Spring Semester.  $250.00 each
Helen Meilleur Library Awards - Two scholarships to students demonstrating research skills. Submit one sample of a research paper by February 28 to the NVIT librarian.  Committee selection. $250.00 each.
Karen Oppenheim Memorial Award - First Nations, NVIT student graduating from the Social Work program, good academic standing, and citizenship. No application.  Department selection.  Silver memorial ring with gold onlay.
Ken Matsune Award - Social Work student, above average grade point average, outstanding citizenship in the Social Work program, have completed SOCW 200A & B.  No application.  Department selection.  $500.00
Margaret and Adam Ahenakew Memorial Award -2nd year NRT student who demonstrates knowledge of Aboriginal culture, and is dedicated to their studies.  No application.  Department selection.  $250.00 
Minerva Foundation Award - Two annual awards. Awarded to women based on academic proficiency and financial need. $2,500
Ministry of Forest and Range Award - for an NRT stduent who has demonstrated a strong all-around performance. $500.00.
Nicola Tribal Association Award - 1st or 2nd year Indigenous/Academic Studies, highest GPA for year.  No application.  Department selection.  $300.00
NVIT Student Society Bursary- All programs, financial need, apply in September by completing an NVIT application form. These bursaries are awarded in Fall and Spring Semster. 
SISCO Award - NRT student who has displayed initative and diligence in their studies. $300.00.
Trinitec Award - 1st year NRT student who has demonstrated a high standard of fieldwork. GPS receiver.
UBC Faculty of Forestry Award - NRT graduating Aboriginal student, high GPA, planning on pursuing a degree in forestry.  No application.  Department selection.  $500.00

Lieutenant Governor Silver Medal
- awarded to a student receiving a one-year certificate credential. The award is based on high GPA and community involvement. No application is necessary.
Governor General Academic Collegiate Bronze Medal - awarded to a student receiving a two-year diploma credential. The award is based on highest GPA overall with a minimum of an 80% course load in both semesters. No application is necessary.

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