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By: Nu Flow BC  28-08-2013
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The latest in epoxy lining for potable water, fire systems or pressure pipes from ½” to 10”, Nu Line is a simple cure-in-place rehabilitation technique that completely coats the inside of pipes preventing leaks and pipe corrosion. Unlike a conventional repipe options that can often cause a whole site to be shut down while work is performed, this process can be managed to ensure minimum disruption to homes and business operations. You will never have to worry about pipe corrosion, poor pressure or pinhole water leaks again. The process prevents future water leaks while it protects you from lead, asbestos and other contaminates leached from your pipes into your water. Pipes with a nominal bore reduced to as little as 20 per cent, can be cleaned back out to nearly its full potential, then coated to reinstate its integrity, extending the life of your asset exponentially. Nu Line has been used successfully in a variety of applications including hospitals, high rise apartments, factories, ferries, fire suppression systems, ships, and domestic homes. Applications Applicable for use in host pipes which are designed to hold pressure, consisting of any material including metal, iron, steel, plastic, concrete, and fiberglass in diameters ranging from ½” to 10”. For use in the following pipe systems, in any infrastructure, in every market sector from residential, commercial or industrial hot and cold drinking water lines to air and water systems, heating and cooling lines. We can Nu line 1 foot to 1000 feet. Potable Nu Flow is proud to offer drinking water epoxy pipe lining technology. This simple but highly effective cured in place pipe restoration system completely coats the inside of your copper or galvanized pipe. The process prevents future leaks and protects your water from lead and other contaminates leached from your piping.

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Nu Flow lining technologies are long-term, affordable and mean less time, less mess and less cost than repiping drinking water systems, drain lines, sanitary lines and mechanical systems.