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Novinium provides all of the parts required to inject cable with either of the two injection methods, and . to visit our “Solutions” page and learn about Novinium injection fluids. On this “Products” page, we show you details of some of the injection devices we use to get fluid into the cable. Novinium has injection products to treat any insulated cable from secondary to transmission voltages. Click on a PDF icon to download a copy of a product data sheet. SPR
SPR or sustained pressure rejuvenation is the most advanced cable rejuvenation technology. Injection Adaptors or IAs make tenacious, fluid-tight seals for any application. IAs fit harmoniously into most common splices, elbows, and terminations. to visit our “Certified” page to learn how Novinium IAs provide harmony, certainty, authority, quality, and integrity in components you already use and trust. to visit our “Templates” page to see a comprehensive list of all Novinium Certified components and their installation templates. UPR
Even within the realm of UPR, which has been used for over two decades, Novinium has made significant improvements. Some of those improvements are evolutionary and some are revolutionary. Read on to learn how Novinium makes fluid rejuvenation safer, faster, and better. Evolutionary
RevolutionaryYou might think that we would rest there, but we know we can do even better. Watch this page for the next revelation in fluid injection components.

Keywords: Injection Devices

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Perficio™ 011 fluid, Ultrinium™ 732 fluid, and Ultrinium™ 733 fluid are preferably delivered using the state-of-the-art Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation paradigm, but both may optionally be applied using Unsustained Pressure Rejuvenation. A reservoir of flammable fluid is stored in a high voltage environment at an elevated pressure for 60 days, 120 days, or even more.