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By: North Pacific  09-12-2011

What Our Clients Are Saying

It was great to work with North Pacific. They’re cooperative, responsive, thorough and client-centered. They always listened to our feedback and were quick to respond. I was impressed with their insights into the training process and their expertise in program development. I look forward to working with North Pacific again in the future.
— Kate Tognotti,
Dean of Instruction, Selkirk College, Nelson B.C.

Our Guarantee


North Pacific provides a synthesis of performance improvement and defensible training systems that result in workers performing their jobs in a consistent manner that raises their productivity and lower stress, costs and liabilities.

Free Report

Are you hampering the productivity of your employees?

Although technical efficiencies are the most common target for operational improvements, increasing worker performance is an area often overlooked but rich in potential payoffs.
"10 Ways Managers Can Optimize Worker Performance" will give you insights into the reasons why workers don't perform as well as they could on the job, and what you can do about it. Because almost all non-performance issues can be, and in fact, can only be—remedied by management.

Our Clients

Our clients are resource sector managers focused on contributing to their companies' productivity, profitability and long-term viability.

They have dreams, but they are run ragged with the day-to-day demands of production, crisis du jour, the meetings and the unexpected, and always with the weight of personal liability hanging over their heads should there be a serious injury or environmental incident.When they discover there is a way to reduce the pressure and improve results, they can start looking forward to going to work again.