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By: Lowdb  09-12-2011
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Sound Attenuated Diesel Generator Enclosures

E N G I N E E R E D for E X C E L L E N C E

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Specializing in Sound Engineered Enclosures for Industrial, Commercial and Marine Power Plants

C ustom manufactured s ound attenuated generator enclosures for:

Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, GM, John Deere, Lister Petter, Volvo, Fuso, Nissan and many other generator combinations.  Each enclosure is designed with AutoCAD and manufactured to exact specifications.

W e'll provide you with a detailed quote and delivery date,

w ithin 3 business days of receiving your requirements.

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Diesel generators require sound attenuation enclosures to provide low decibel noise reduction to protect your hearing and other environmental protection concerns.  Diesel genset enclosures are an all metal enclosure for diesel generators, these enclosures are not only used for diesel generators but other types of electrical generation or air compressors where constant noise emission is of concern.  Custom engineered enclosures provide the most accuracy, each component undergoes custom engineering to best establish acceptable noise attenuation or dB Reduction.  dB Engineered means that our enclosures are engineered around the decibal levels being emitted.  dB Engineering uses computer generated models to ensure the our sound enclosures meet or exceed the requirements.  Aluminum and steel enclosures are the most common enclosures, however we also are currently doing research and development of materials that are resin based for enclosures. We are a R&D manufacturer of diesel power enclosures, construction generators,  marine generators, marine enclosures, that ensure quiet power and low noise from diesel power. Our scientific designed sound technology uses sound technologies that are specialized in constructing these enclosures, our engineered enclosures made to order.  Each enclosure we supply whether for diesel enclosures or not is made to precision specifications.  We are a supplier of enclosures that provide a sonic barrier or noise barrier between the generator and the surrounding neighborhood.  The noise levels are engineered with full surround engineering technologies and can be calculated at various measured intervals from the genset or air compressor.  These enclosures are sound shields that shield noise from being emitted into the atmosphere around the enclosure.  We are located just outside of Vancouver, BC Canada in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.  We specialize in acoustic, acoustical solutions, noise control, sound proofing, noise control, noise vibration, noise reduction, acoustics, architecture, absorption, diffusion, sound attenuation, noise enclosures, noise barriers, wall panels, baffles, industrial noise control, material installation, commercial noise control, sound barriers, application engineering, sound damping, mufflers, silencers, diffusers, diffusors, difusers, acoustical consulting, acoustical engineering, acoustical contractor, acoustical installation, noise, noise abatement, sound, sound control, sound abatement, acoustic control, acoustical control, acoustical analysis, noise pollution, atmospheric pollution, acoustical quality, acoustical panels, baffles, curtains, fiber-free ceilings, wall systems, wall coverings, fiberglass panels, enclosures and materials.  We at are here to provide low Db, low decibel noise reduction.

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Low decibel noise control engineering for diesel gensets

We are dedicated and capable to solve industrial noise problems, our full service engineering group provides full and cost-effective services including measurements, analysis, design, specification and manufacturing of each diesel generator enclosure.