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By: Kinetix Mobile Solutions  09-12-2011

The Challenges:

Deploying smart meters in high volumes is a very complex process. Orchestrating the people, the equipment and the materials with precise timing, can be a daunting task for even the very most capable project team. Most organizations have never deployed meters in such unprecedented volumes and the sheer scale of the project can quickly overwhelm usually reliable systems, processes and people. When that happens, the cost of delays, errors and rework can play havoc with customers, schedules and budgets.

The Solution:

Kinetix MBLink-Deploy software is what smart utilities are using right now to manage the complicated physical deployment phase of their smart meter projects. MBLink-Deploy will efficiently and effectively address many of the of the critical deployment processes that are a big part of every smart meter initiative. Along with all of the people, the processes, the materials and the data, MBLink-Deploy will help you manage much of the risk that’s inevitably going to be part of your company’s smart meter deployment project.
MBLink-Deploy – Another tested, proven, and trusted solution from Kinetix Mobile Solutions.

Real World:

Southern California Edison and their service partner Corix Utilities are using MBLink-Deploy to manage the deployment of more than 5,000,000 smart meters. Over 1,000,000 meters have been installed so far and 12,000 electric smart meters were installed in a single day using MBLink-Deploy – the world’s best meter deployment management solution.

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