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By: Intetron  09-12-2011
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Why hire an EMC Engineer?

Our experience has shown again and again that when electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) considerations are addressed early in the development cycle, the overall project costs can be significantly reduced. As the development process advances from concept to implementation, the cost of EMC retrofits increase substantially. This is because it is generally easier from a technical standpoint,  to build EMC into a design early on rather than try to retrofit EMC into a nearly completed system. A qualified EMC engineer can help cut costs.

Flexible Options

Electromagnetic Compatibility consulting services are available for a  broad range of industries, systems or product types.  Flexible options are available to meet your unique staffing needs as you move from one project to the next. We can either work independently, or if you prefer, on-site along-side your staff designers. For companies without internal expertise on EMC, and requiring EMC services only on an intermittent basis, we can be your "EMC Department"  under a special partnership arrangement.

Quality and Value

When you engage Intetron Consulting to be your EMC expert, you are hiring a fully qualified professional engineer with formal training in EMC along with over 17 years of experience in the aerospace, communications and electronics industries. At Intetron, we take the necessary steps to ensure you will receive quality and value that reflects the highest professional standards.

EMC Consulting Services:

Technical Training:
We can provide EMC training to bring your staff up to speed on basic EMC concepts and introduce practical design tips. Our one-day   course can be presented either at your facility or in Vancouver, Canada.

Product Design Review:
We can participate in your design review process and work closely with your staff engineers to achieve electromagnetic compatibility at the product level.

PCB Layout Review:
We can review your printed circuit board design and provide a critique on the PCB layout for single and multi-layered boards. We then recommend adjustments to the layout for minimizing radiated/conducted emissions, for improving immunity and overall EMC performance. Whether you send us Gerber files or drawings, you can rest assured your proprietary design will be treated with the utmost care and confidentiality. 

Systems Compatibility:
For systems with many components spanning large physical locations, the electromagnetic compatibility of the overall system must be addressed with a systems approach. We can assist you in your systems integration efforts to mitigate potential noise problems at the systems level arising from physical layout, power distribution, cable routing, termination and grounding. We can also identify the most appropriate and cost effective solutions necessary to achieve systems compatibility.

EMC Regulations and Standards:
We can advise you on which EMC standards are applicable for your situation. The EMC standards in many jurisdictions are rapidly evolving and we can help you navigate the maze of developments and make sense of all the jargon.

EMI Susceptibility Mitigation:
We have extensive experience in achieving EMC in high field intensity environments. We can help you select the most appropriate approach to improve RFI immunity when operating in a high field intensity environment.

Radiated and conducted emissions control:
Radiated and conducted emissions can be controlled by design and many of the most effective EMC fixes can be implemented for free if done early on in the development cycle. We can help you identify potential risks for radiated and conducted emissions and recommend measures to keep emissions in check.

Grounding and Shielding Design: 
Much of electromagnetic compatibility can be achieved with proper grounding design and shielding where it is most appropriate. Proper selection of materials, grounding and connection methods for shields are key to reducing noise in electronic systems. We can help you determine the most cost effective approach to achieving EMC with a complete analysis of grounding and signal return paths for your unique system configuration.

Site Surveys:
In cases where the electromagnetic environment is not well known, a site survey may be necessary to assess potential EMI hazards. In a site survey, measurements of ambient electromagnetic fields are collected from a prospective site and later used to determine site selection and equipment location. For site surveys, test equipment is rented with the rental cost charged without markup.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Plan:
For larger more complex projects involving many subsystems or components, we can prepare a custom EMC plan to provide general guidelines for interconnect cable selection, termination, system grounding, filtering, power, equipment layout and special facilities requirements.

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