By: Greg Hamilton Music  09-12-2011
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Music Copying for All Commercial Media:

We have years of experience providing copying services for film and television sessions and understand the music needs to be accurate and on time. Parts are clearly laid out for logical phrasing, good page turns and contain consecutive measure numbers.

Engraved Style Notation for Symphonic Performance and Publication:

We also have years of experience working with publishers and orchestras, and we understand the beauty and esthetic of traditional plate engraving. Each publisher has their own house style which we will closely follow while adhering to the standards of each type of engraving genre, be it: orchestral, chorus, keyboard, band, etc.

MIDI Transcription:

Many composers now work with sequencing software and prefer to provide MIDI files rather than manuscript scores. We can easily convert MIDI files to provide sketches for an orchestrator, or create full scores and parts from files with finished orchestration. Conversion of MIDI files often includes the quantizing of timing data, expanding the orchestration and placing staves in score order.


A takedown can range from the literal transcription of a full orchestral score from an audio source, to providing lead sheets or master rhythm parts for pop and jazz singers.


All parts are carefully proofread to ensure they are 100% accurate for a smooth and efficient session, rehearsal and/or performance. If you are an independent composer on a tight budget, you can opt to proofread the score and parts yourself and we will make any corrections at no additional charge.

Orchestral Librarian:

We offer freelance librarian services to orchestras throughout Canada. This includes:

• Research availability and arrange for the purchase of materials to meet orchestra’s program needs.

• Check materials for completeness, including editing, proofreading, distribution and marking of string parts.

• Assemble and arrange music in orchestra folders.

We also maintain a catalogue of orchestral works, including multiple versions, instrumentation, duration and publisher sources.

Recording Session Librarian:

Once the copying is completed, the librarian work begins with the organization of all finished scores and parts, including sorting by instrument chair or “booking-up” for distribution to the players and gathering the parts afterward. Multiple copies of scores are provided properly bound for the composer, orchestrator, conductor, engineer, as well as additional booth copies. We also keep a log listing all cues which is updated throughout the project.

If you are recording in Vancouver, we can provide full onsite librarian services complete with computer, printer, etc. We can also act as a print service for your local copyist, receiving files electronically and ensuring all parts and scores are prepared professionally and on time.

Printing and Binding:

Parts are typically printed on 9x12 80# paper and can be taped together either accordion style or booklet style and saddle stapled. Orchestral parts can also be printed on 10x13 paper, often prefered by many orchestras. Scores are typically printed at a size of 11x17 and can either be coil bound or bound with special tape.

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