By: Green Mills  09-12-2011


Green Mills' products of sprouted brown rice have been carefully monitored to allow between 0.5
to 1mm of sprout to grow; this process ensures the rice is at the healthiest and optimal stage in
terms of the maximum nutrition and taste it can give to the body. During the sprouting process,
all of the rice goes through a cleaning stage where it is carefully washed as to not scar any rice
and is rinsed to ensure our customers receive only the cleanest and healthiest rice.Green Mills is currently offering sprouted brown sweet(sticky) rice and medium grain sprouted
brown rice, sprouted black rice. Organic sprouted brown rice and other varieties of sprouted
brown rice is being developed and very soon will be available.
Spouted Brown Rice - Medium Grain Rice(Sushi Rice)
- 1kg

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Spouted Brown Sweet Rice - Sticky Rice
- 1kg
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