Better Optical Solutions

By: Emrlogic Systems  09-12-2011

activEHR offers an advanced lab interface through VisionWeb connecting electronically to most spectacle labs in the USA. Uniquely, activEHR downloads into your system the electronic catalog from each of your labs. You’ll be able to customize the catalogs so they reflect only what you purchase from each lab.

On the optical floor, your staff won’t need to worry about ordering from the wrong lab, or even about pricing. Your built-in selections will take care of the details. Once the lab order is ready, you’ll be able to send it directly out of activEHR and know it has been successfully received … before your patient leaves the optical area.

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Better Integrated Solutions

Medical reports such as “Interpretation & Report” may be generated from within Imaging as well as from within the activEHR exam forms. From Kowa Optimed manages image files from virtually any instrument, agnostic of brand, model or source. A fully integrated image viewing, capture and telemedicine solution that helps you drive better care.


A fully-integrated eye care software

At each area of the practice, your user will see a specific color-coded checklist list of best practices to be carried out before moving the patient forward. Using true workflow management, appointments are scheduled by visit type and, therefore, map the patient’s route through your practice. Will the visit include pre-test or exam, or perhaps go from the front desk to the contact lens area.