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By: Doteasy  09-12-2011

Secure your internet identity by registering a domain name today.

Every domain name is unique. So the sooner you register,
the better chance you have of getting
the ".com" domain name that you want.

100 MB Free Web Hosting Account Included!

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Domain Name Registration Fee

Domain Name Extension 1-Year
Included for FREE

(a $23.4/yr value)

.com $25.00/yr $22.50/yr $21.90/yr
.co $39.50/yr $39.50/yr $39.50/yr
.net $25.00/yr $22.50/yr $21.90/yr
.org $25.00/yr $22.50/yr $21.90/yr
.biz $25.00/yr $22.50/yr $21.90/yr
.info $25.00/yr $22.50/yr $21.90/yr - $20.00/yr - - $20.00/yr - - $20.00/yr -
.us $25.00/yr $22.50/yr $21.90/yr
.ca $50.00/yr $50.00/yr $45.00/yr
.tv $50.00/yr $50.00/yr -
.eu $12.00/yr - -
.mobi $25.00/yr $22.50/yr -
.me $29.50/yr $27.25/yr $25.90/yr
The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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