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By: Direct Impact Media  09-12-2011
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EVENT PRODUCTION « Direct Impact Media

Seamlessly integrating all of the presentation components and managing the technical and creative teams to deliver a spectacular production or event is what sets us apart. We conceptualize and produce the visual content, staging, set and multimedia, but most importantly we organize those elements to come together in a cohesive way.

Communicating your message with impact requires creative, disciplined planning combined with flawless execution. We bring together the best people and the best solutions to ensure your communications project delivers results.

One of the most important aspects of any event is to have a compelling creative concept and striking design. We have the creative flair to help develop your theme, event concept and physical layout. Working closely with each client, we work through the design process to collectively develop a unique concept and theme that will excite the audience and add to the overall experience. The event design needs to reflect the brand of the company and the content of the messaging. Once the theme has been developed we work to leverage that theme throughout all aspects of the event from the set design, lighting, PowerPoint graphics, multimedia & video production, room décor and the food & beverage selections.

Every event requires detailed event management to coordinate all of the various vendors, suppliers, creative and technical teams and the venue. Our expertise in detailed event management is one of the components that set us apart. We start by developing the floor plans, stage renders, load-in schedule, and the event agenda. We meet with all vendors prior to the event and coordinate production meetings to ensure all suppliers are working in conjunction with one another. Our detailed event manuals helps track all aspects of the planning and execution. Our clients are always an integral part of critical decision making. We keep our clients in the loop with all aspects of the event planning and ensure they have the same detailed information as all the event suppliers. Effective event management means having all details organized and documented long before the load-in begins. Our crews always show-up prepared and are always guided by experienced on-site supervision.

Direct Impact Media has full event management expertise as well as a solid background in production. In addition to creating the video, multimedia and graphic content we coordinate all of the A/V suppliers including audio visual staging, set design & creation, lighting, sound, teleprompter, simultaneous translation, video conferencing…whatever the production requirements are, we will organize them. We always use the very best production suppliers and we make sure each vendor is part of the integrated planning process so that they know the objectives we are trying to achieve.

We work closely with each client to determine how the set design and room décor can support and enhance the theme of the event. A well designed set gives the event a high-end feel making participants sit up and take notice. When guests walk into a corporate business meeting or an awards presentation, the way they perceive the event has a great impact on the importance they place upon the content. If it is well thought out, the lighting is appropriate, the screens are large enough and well placed and if the décor and stage design enhances the look and mood of the event then it is much easier to achieve your business objectives. Even when budgets are lean, a simple stage design utilizing pre-built set elements along with some simple signage and lighting effects will make the event come alive. Our event proposals always include CAD floor plans, 3D renderings and scale room drawings to ensure the look and feel has been well thought out and communicated to the client.

Technical direction is a term used in the event business but its meaning is sometimes confusing. Wikipedia defines the term ‘Technical Director’ or ‘TD’ as, “the most senior technical person within a theatrical company or television studio. This person usually possesses the highest level of competence in a specific technical field and may be recognized as an expert in that industry. The technical director provides technical direction on business decisions and in the execution of specific projects.”

In the event business, a technical director is the person who directs the actions of all the various technicians responsible for executing the show. This means that during the show the technical director gives cues to the crew for lighting, sound, video playback, live video cameras and entertainment. We always ensure the highest level of professionalism in our technical direction. It is critical that someone is assigned to this task and that they have experience with large complex shows. An experienced technical director ensures everything happens when and how it is supposed to. The TD will plan a detailed event call sheet and distribute it to the crew, often having one-on-one meetings with the each department head prior to the show to ensure they are aware of the critical show components that have to happen as planned.

Keywords: Event Production, Set Design, Video

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All of the components should look like they are part of the overall event design, the PowerPoint should have the same or similar elements in the design as the video, title treatments should be consistent, and name straps for live video should also incorporate that look and feel.


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As video and event producers we know how important it is to tie the creative design of the video, multimedia, set design, lighting design, and entertainment together. From video production, multimedia creation, and all aspects of event production, we deliver conceptual design and execution in a one stop shop. We also recognize that sometimes our clients need us to focus on one aspect of their communications requirements.