Video Production Services |

By: Digital Cyclops  09-12-2011

Digital Cyclops brings over a decade of media production experience to your project.  We will work with you from concept to completion, transforming your ideas into compelling media.


During pre-production, we collaborate with you in assessing the purpose, target audience, and intended effect of your video.  Together, we can develop rough ideas into a cohesive script and work out details in view of your budget and timeline.  We will then locate, audition, and choose voice and acting talent.


Here is where the script comes alive!  During the planning phase, we conceived of a story set in an atmosphere of emotion.  Digital Cyclops will direct talent, frame and compose shots, and arrange lighting to convey the right mood.  In studio or on location, scripted or live, we are prepared to shoot in a variety of settings.

Post Production

During post-production, the artistic talent of Digital Cyclops weaves together raw footage with graphics, effects, and music.  The end result is a seamless tapestry that grabs the attention of your audience and delivers your message with maximum impact.

Some of the post-production services we offer:

  • Editing services
  • Intro and extro slates
  • Subtitles
  • Motion graphics
  • Lower thirds
  • Audio, including music and sound design
  • Physical deliverables like Blu Ray and DVD
  • Digital deliverables such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook