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By: Debt Collections  09-12-2011
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Collection Services

Throughout Accurate’s history, we have made it a top priority to ensure that every client benefits from the abilities of our highly skilled collectors. We implement consultation conferences between our collectors and their clients, along with the debtors they are assigned to serve. Accurate Collections Limited assures that selected proficient collection staff are assigned to each clients’ accounts and our collectors are fully informed prior to commencing any collection activity on these accounts, to ensure paramount results.

Among our staff, are devoted and qualified collection, administrative and trace personnel, who are proportionately responsible for a number of accounts, assigned by our client. Supervision by our management team is implemented on a daily basis to ensure adherence to Collection Policies, proper account follow up and timely efforts towards debtor contact.

All debtors are called on a regular basis until contact has been established. Common sense and guideline regulations are used and followed in cases such as answering machines, third parties, employers and/or telephone numbers which do not directly relate to the debtor or his/her place of residence. At Accurate, we ensure that all laws, as set forth by The Federal and Provincial Legislation, are followed and adhered to by all staff members.

Keywords: Debtors