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By: Dawson Dental Centre  09-12-2011
Keywords: Masticatory System

Volume 1: Rationale and Methodology for Centric Relation

In this video, you will learn why Centric Relation is so critical to almost everything you do in dentistry. You will learn how to find it (even on the most difficult patients). You will learn how to verify it and how to record it with repeatable needle-point accuracy. You will learn how to work with deformed TMJs that have adapted (adapted centric posture) and you will learn what to do when centric relation can not be verified.

Price – $139

Volume 2: Principles and Procedures for Occlusal Equilibration

This volume uses sequenced color illustrations to explain the purpose and method of occlusal equilibration in such an understandable format that you could use them to clarify and reassure patients of the need for occlusal therapy. You will learn why occlusal equilibration is so important & when it is so often the most conservative treatment & and how to equilibrate rapidly and very effectively (even chairside assisting is covered).

Price – $139

Volume 3: Determining and Communicating Esthetic and Restorative Guidelines

This audio volume explains how to determine and communicate more than 40 specific guidelines in a way that permits verification of accuracy by the technician (or even the chairside assistant). This volume defines and illustrates every guideline for ideal esthetics with a precise method for determination and communication of that guideline.

Price – $139

Volume 4: The Concept of Complete Dentistry Factors of Occlusion and Health

This volume is an overview of the ten must know factors of occlusion, as well as the requirements for total masticatory system health and stability. Topics covered include: anatomic harmony, functional harmony, the role of the TMJs, anterior guidance, envelope of function and neutral zone. This is an excellent resource for staff training and for sharing with specialists.

Price – $139

Volume 5: Occlusion Equilibration: Examination, Justification, Consultation, Clinical Procedures

Properly diagnosing an occlusal interference and correcting it with proper equilibration is one of the most valuable treatments you can perform for your patients. This video volume illustrates the entire process, from screening history through the post equilibration interview in a step-by-step easy to understand manner. You will see a thorough occlusal examination, understand the diagnostic work-up, and observe the patient consultation. This volume includes the actual process of direct occlusal correction on the patient’s natural teeth along with tips on how the doctor and assistant work together as a smooth, efficient team. The very important techniques for verifying that the equilibration is complete and successful round out this all-inclusive volume.

Price – $139

Volume 6: Clinical Assisting for Occlusal Equilbration

This program includes a didactic segment on the rationale for occlusal equilibration which is designed to provide the assistant with a clinical understanding of the masticatory system. In addition, the assistant will learn: how to set up for an equilibration, coordination of ribbon holders, air/water syringe and suction without putting anything down, how to properly place the ribbon to obtain accurate marks, and the importance of continuously evaluating ribbon quality.

Price – $139

Volume 8: Digital Dental Photography

Digital Photography is a key component for diagnosis, treatment planning, case presentation, and marketing your practice. This DVD will take you through the key camera settings, patient positioning, creating a file in your computer, and a great way to store images. It is designed for both the Doctor and the team to standardize the photographic process within your practice.

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Keywords: Masticatory System

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