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By: Comtower  09-12-2011
Keywords: Shelters

ComTower supplies complete solutions for portable communications shelters. We design, build and install shelters and towers for customers worldwide. We have proven we know what works - in meeting our customers' challenging quality and delivery targets as well as cost effectiveness.

ComTower works to your specifications to create lightweight, durable, bolted  or welded steel frame shelters that can withstand even the harshest environments. We also offer a range of standard designs for non-custom applications. Quality components and methods enable all ComTower shelters to meet "Gold Seal" certification on a state-by-state basis. 

ComTower designs, manufactures and installs self-supported and guyed towers to meet your specifications. At ComTower we specialize in installations, this makes every ComTower  installation is safe secure  and structurally sound.

ComTower offers vertical wireless solutions for your space limitations and rigid zoning codes, and can manufacture to meet your site specific design requirements. With the pace of technology, our flexibility and dedication to the changing needs of our customers has helped create our success in monopole design and construction. 

ComTower's antenna mounts are custom designed to suit all your roof top needs. For each project, ComTower works with roofing consultants to eliminate any potential hazards or damage to building roof membranes. We are  confident in our ability to construct and install antenna mounts that will maintain leak free and structurally sound roof tops.

Keywords: Shelters