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By: Central Park Dental Clinic  08-02-2016
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At Central Park Dental Clinic, we know that preventive treatments and saving your natural teeth is important. Our dentists go to great lengths to help our patients keep all of their teeth. However, sometimes the best way to support your health is to remove a tooth that is beyond repair and can’t be saved. Dental Extraction Treatment When you need a dental extraction, you can count on the comfort, expertise, and skill that our dentists are known for. Drs. Chan, Rensen, and Day understand that losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience for our patients. You might feel concern about pain during your procedure or what you will do to fill in the gap in your smile. In our Burnaby, BC dental office, patient comfort is a big priority for us. We don’t want you to feel a thing, so we will make sure that you are completely numb before we get started. When Are Extractions Necessary? Sometimes, if a tooth sustains damage from trauma or from extensive decay, removing it might be the best option for your health and comfort. You might also need an extraction if you have wisdom teeth that cause overlapping or overcrowding due to your unique physiology, or if you require orthodontic treatment. With a full evaluation, we can provide you with all of your treatment options so that you can make the best decision regarding your oral health. Our dentists are always available to answer questions you may have about other options. Tooth Replacement Solutions One of the biggest concerns patients have about dental extractions is that the gap that will be left. If your extraction is a planned procedure, we can discuss your tooth replacement options before we even get started, minimizing the amount of time you will have a missing tooth. One of the best tooth replacement options available today is dental implants. When you lose a tooth, you often lose bone, which can destabilize the rest of your bite and cause drifting, shifting, and even more tooth loss. Dental implants not only replace your tooth with the most convenient and lifelike treatment, but they also help to retain your bone, protecting your oral health and your remaining teeth. In the event that you are not a good candidate for dental implants, we can also offer tooth replacement with fixed dental bridges as well as partial dentures. Because this is a big decision that affects your dental health, we will provide you with as much information as you need so that you feel confident in your treatment and outcome.

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