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By: Burli Software  09-12-2011
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You’ve heard of the global village.. now meet the global newsroom. Using standard Internet connections, Burli links workstations across the city or across the world, sharing information so easily it’s as though they are all in the same room. We call it a Virtual Newsroom.

Drag-and-and-drop simplicity
We’ve designed the Virtual Newsroom for working journalists. To send a story to a different location, a user simply drags the item’s slug across the computer screen and drops it on the remote location name. It is that simple.


Using Burli’s Virtual Newsroom, users can share wire copy, scripts, faxes, e-mail, rundowns and full broadcast-quality audio. Do a text search of a remote bureau’s news, read your assignments from home, even grab an audio clip from the archives while you’re in a hotel room 5,000km away. Virtual Newsroom supports MP3, MP2 and linear audio. It also includes FTP support.

Automatic feeds

Burli’s intelligent Replication can automatically push selected data to connected newsrooms -- without anyone having to feed, download or save anything. Set this up at multiple locations and you can have your own mini-network for a fraction of the normal infrastructure or staffing costs.


Send your headlines or complete news stories to other outlets, websites, mobile services, RSS readers, etc. VN exports your newsroom data in standards-based RSS and XML formats.

Web interface

Harness the power of your Burli system from any web browser with the built-in Web interface. Reporters can check wires, scripts, assignments, contacts, even listen to audio over a Web connection. It’s a handy solution for reporters at home or anywhere else where they need newsroom access but don’t have a Burli workstation.

Designed for journalists

The Virtual Newsroom is designed by and for broadcast journalists. It’s for people who need quick, clear and immediate access to data from as many sources as possible.

Hit your deadlines

We know that speed is critical in broadcast. Burli’s Virtual Newsroom is optimised to reduce bandwidth demands. For example, Burli auto converts bulky audio items into trim MP3 files for network transfer. The results are impressive: on a standard consumer broadband Internet connection, Burli transfers most audio items faster than real-time. That means a 40 second news report gets filed in less than 40 seconds. You can’t do that by feeding reports over a telephone, IP-Codec or ISDN connection.

More information

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Keywords: broadcast, Journalists

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