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By: Burli Software  09-12-2011
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Looking for a quick answer to a basic question? These are some of the questions our sales and technical staff get asked most frequently.

1. How does Burli compare with other newsrooms systems?

A. Burli is one of the very few systems to offer truly useful tools specifically for radio journalists. Burli's audio editing tools are some of the best in the business, as are its modules for mobile reporting and sharing content between bureaus and across broadcast groups. Burli is also easier to use than other systems, mainly because it puts almost all critical tools on one clear screen.

2. Does Burli offer any mobile tools?

A. Yes. Lots of them. Burli's Virtual Newsroom (VN) package connects workstations anywhere where there is Internet (or corporate WAN) access. A laptop running Burli and connected to the Internet can send and receive text and studio-quality audio. Burli’s browser interface allows any authorised user to access the newsroom and to file items from anywhere — even on computers not running Burli. Reporters can also file directly into the system via iPhone apps, e-mail, FTP, or our automatic telephone recording system. VN also uses TCP/IP to connect Burli workstations across multiple sites. Journalists easily can share newsroom material -- including wires, audio clips, rundowns, RSS feeds, the assignment and contact databases and chat messages -- between newsrooms.

3. Do you really provide round-the-clock support?

A. Yes. This is broadcasting, after all, and many of our customers are all-news operations who can never, ever, be off the air. Live technical support from knowledgeable human beings is always available to customers, no matter where they are, who they are, or when they need it.

4. What does Burli cost?

A. Burli is sold on a per-workstation basis with all standard features normally included. Licensing terms include complete support service and software upgrades. Packages are available to suit any station size or budget. Installation and training packages are tailored to individual clients. For specific pricing details, please contact our world-wide resellers or our Sales department directly.

5. Do you offer educational, non-profit or other special pricing?

A. Yes. Burli is widely used in broadcast and journalism schools world-wide and is available for qualified educational institutions at a fraction of its usual price. Similarly, we offer discounts to many not-for-profit and volunteer broadcasters. Some conditions apply, but we do our best to be accessible. 

6. What are the technical requirements for Burli?

A. Burli runs on standard off-the-shelf Windows PCs, laptops and servers. Almost all new PCs currently on the market run Burli with ease. Burli workstations run on Windows 7 or XP Pro SP3 Pro. Dedicated servers (where required) use Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Linux or NetApps. There are no Mac, iOS, or Linux versions of Burli and we have no current plans for any. Note that Burli does not supply computer hardware - just the newsroom software. Burli uses standard Windows-compatible sound cards or audio-over-IP drivers.

7. Will I be able to migrate data from my old newsroom system into Burli?

A. Generally speaking, yes. If your existing newsroom system can export data (phone lists, contacts, archived stories, etc.) in standard data formats, then migration is usually fairly simple. In some instances custom programming or conversion may be required, and can usually be provided by Burli as required.

8. Why is there a bird on your logo?

A. There was once a real bird — a cockatiel — called Burli and it looked pretty much like the one on the logo. The company was named after him.

Keywords: broadcast, Technical Support, Windows

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