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By: Burli Software  09-12-2011

Few radio newsrooms today only produce radio news. They're sending stories and audio to the station website, podcasting newscasts and programs, and Tweeting breaking stories. Burli makes it quick and simple to send your radio news to digital platforms of all shapes and sizes.

Sending Radio News Online
Burli makes it quick and simple for reporters to send single news stories or entire newscasts online with a couple of clicks. Any radio story can be re-packaged as XML, RSS, or even good old plain text and automatically sent to your website. Audio can be exported in one or more formats — including MP3 — and sent along as well. 

Whether your radio staff need to get stories online quickly, or your dedicated web producers need an environment to edit, manage and upload their stories, Burli provides the editing, the tools and workflow to turn radio news into online news.

Monitoring Burli
Burli can also hand data to a website's CMS in the background. So intead of sending your data to the website, the website can grab it by itself. Burli makes stories in folders or filters that you select available in either standard RSS or NewsML format, so your radio newsroom doesn't need to send anything to the website — the website can get the data by itself. 

Non-traditional platforms
While a website is the most common new media platform for Burli to send data to, it's by no means the only one. Customers use Burli's sophisticated XML export features to repurpose news stories for local newspapers, to send headlines to TV text channels, to power headline tickers in their lobbies, send news summaries to digital signage and more.

Burli includes a complete Podcasting engine for turning any of your programming into standard, public Podcasts. Stations all over the world use Burli to automatically record, package and upload podcasts - whether they be talk shows, features or hourly newscasts. The process can be fully automated so that traffic reports, hourly newscasts or other frequently-updated material is constantly updated. Or producers can create individual programs or extended versions of broadcast interviews and upload them as podcasts on a case-by-case basis.
Burli's podcasts use standard XML tags — including Apple's iTunes tags  — and so your podcasts integrate well into the iTunes store.

Twitter feeds are one of the many data sources that Burli can ingest and manage for your journalists. But Burli can also create Tweets. Have a breaking news story? A single command puts the text into an edit window where it can be re-written and/or shortened to 140 characters as necessary, and then sent to one or many Twitter accounts at the same time.

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