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By: Baromedical  09-12-2011
Keywords: healing, Oxygen Therapy, Wound Healing

Our state-of-the-art technology for assessment of full body microcirculation is used for early detection of cardiovascular and pulmonary problems.  Early intervention with oxygen therapy can resolve health conditions or prevent negative long-term consequences.

In healthy people oxygen reduces the effect of aging, and helps the body detoxify.  In addition, new evidence suggests that hyperbaric oxygen therapy stimulates an increase in the production and release of stem cells.

Acute wounds in a healthy person,  such as those due to trauma or surgery,  follow stages of inflammation, proliferation, and maturation.  Hyperbaric oxygen has distinct beneficial effects in each stage promoting healing.    Initially, inflammation swelling and pain  are reduced via vasoconstriction, while an elevated level of oxygen directly helps to initiate healing while reducing scarring.

Oxygen stimulates the release of growth factors and the proliferation of neutrophils and fibroblasts.   These cells are involved in wound healing and collagen synthesis,  a major component of connective tissue.

Oxygen stimulates the budding and growth of new blood vessels -a process known as angiogenesis, which further improves delivery of oxygen and nutrients, and tissue granulation.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used both as a preventive and interventional therapy for wounds and infections in people with poor circulation or systemic disease (diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lupus).  HBOT is especially helpful in cases where a wound has become chronic; these non-healing wounds are a not-uncommon complication of diabetes mellitus.

Keywords: healing, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Wound Healing

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Electrical Stimulation | BaroMedical

When nerve is stimulated such as in people who lost the control of their muscles (i.e. stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury) we can elicit a functional movement. Electrical stimulation is the therapy where electrical currents are delivered trhu the skin electrodes to activate muscle contractions or nerve conduction.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy | BaroMedical

When breathing pure oxygen at pressures higher than normal additional “hyperbaric” oxygen dissolves in the blood plasma greatly increasing the quantity of oxygen transferred to any tissue in the body. BaroMedical’s chambers are certified for operation up to 3 atmospheres for which hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been proven effective and safe in infection control and wound healing.


Microcirculation Assessment | BaroMedical

Löndahl M, Katzman P, Hammarlund C, Nilsson A, Landin-Olsson M.: Relationship between ulcer healing after hyperbaric oxygen therapy and transcutaneous oximetry, toe blood pressure and ankle-brachial index in patients with diabetes and chronic foot ulcers. This is a non-invasive, painless procedure, and a very important tool; it’s used for initial assessments as well as for monitoring the progress and success of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


Wound Care with Hyperbaric Oxygen

Electrical stimulation will further promote the circulation of superoxygenated blood deeper in the wounded area and combined effect is magnified.Oxygen initiates healing from within the body by mobilizing the growth factors and preparing the wound bed for the right combination of topical wound therapy.