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By: Atomica Creative  09-12-2011
Keywords: Marketing, marketing strategy, Strategic Marketing

We offer the following four services.

Inventoritis Review

Manufacturers and technology companies have a natural tendency to become emotionally attached to their products and innovations. This can easily cause them to lose perspective and often leads to considerable waste of organizational time, money and effort. Most new products and technologies do not achieve commercial success, with much of the failure caused by inventoritis issues.

Organizations of all types can benefit from conducting an inventoritis review and training their people to be vigilant for inventoritis since it will allow them to improve their commercial success rate while simplifying the innovation and marketing processes.

Atomica will take the key people in your organization who are responsible for its products (marketing strategy, R&D, engineering, sales & management, finance and support) through a step by step process to determine any relevant inventoritis issues that impede products achieving commercial success.

1. Assess and determine ways to increase marketing and innovation ROI,

2. Identify potentially disruptive technologies that can wipe out your business,

3. Identify hidden assets in the business,

4. Identify new markets for your existing products.

Participants will learn how to identify and manage the psychological aspects of innovation in themselves and others to minimize its negative impact on the bottom line. This comes from increasing the number of successful products while squandering fewer resources during the process.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will have a completed workbook and set of plans for moving forward in their respective areas in an inventoritis-free way to the benefit of your organization.

Strategic Marketing Review

Companies often view innovation as a game of chance, with the odds of success determined by luck as much as anything else. This does not need to be the case. A thorough review of a company’s product offerings in the context of the relevant market dynamics is essential for giving decision makers the information needed to make sound decisions.

Atomica will take the decision-makers and other key players in your organization who are responsible for creating and deploying your company’s marketing strategy through a thorough review and analysis of your product offerings. This process does not take place in a vacuum nor does it involve using a crystal ball. Participants undertake a review to determine: 1.    How well the competitive landscape is understood,

2.    How your company’s offerings currently stack up against the competition,

3.    Whether new product initiatives are properly evaluated and the decision-making process is operating on a sound footing so these initiatives are being aimed in the right direction,

4.    How well your company’s strengths are being leveraged for maximum benefit,

5.    If your risk/reward and go/no-go decision processes for new initiatives works as well as they should or could.

Upon completion, participants will have the tools they need to improve the effectiveness of your organization’s marketing strategy design and execution processes.

Atomica Market Leadership Program

Atomica has developed the Market Leadership Program for companies that are the best or are aspiring to become the best of the best at what they do. This is a framework within which you make the decisions that determine the nature and direction of your business. Here is part of the framework.


1. Collaboratively create an initial strategy, that leverages your strengths and takes into account your weaknesses and limitations.

2. Collaboratively define a realistic initial strategy that positions your company in a leadership position.

3. Determine a target market, and a focal point for your marketing investment and time.

4. Develop a cost effective process to increase people's interest towards your company, your products and your people.

5. Determine reasonable action steps towards executing the strategy and achieving your goals.


1. Experience an increase in people's interest towards your company, your products and your people (very important in the early stages).
2. Achieve clarity and confidence in your new business direction and approach.
3. Experience benefits by being positioned as an expert.

Atomica Design & Communication Program
Great plans and brilliant execution of those plans for product marketing require your organization’s sales team to be equipped with the right tools to do the job.
It is important to ensure your corporate persona is viewed constructively. Atomica will help you make sure your website, web presence, marketing and product support materials including brochures, tradeshow packages, media kits, specification pages, warranty and service offers are consistent and of the right quality.
Atomica provides a full suite of products and services to enhance your company’s persona.

Keywords: Innovation, Marketing, marketing strategy, Strategic Marketing