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By: Arctan Systems  09-12-2011

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Dino-Lite USB microscope can be viewed using this link.
Dino-Lite Portable Microscopes
Dino-Lite portable microscopes are available with various features and different colours.  All of
the microscopes include Dino-Capture software for capture of still images, video (AVI format),
and time-lapse video.  Dino-Lite mircoscopes work with Microsoft Windows operating systems
and most Mac OS systems (see the compatibility table).
The AM3013T is similar to the AM3011 with the addition of
the measurement feature and a trigger button, allowing
images to be captured without the use of the computer
The AM411T is the original high-resolution handheld
microscope.  It is capable of taking images with 1280x1024
pixel resolution.  It has a dark silver body colour.
The AM413FVT and AM413FVT2 are high-resolution
microscopes using near fluorescent UV light for industrial
applications.  THey have measurement capability (for
Windows installations) and a micro-touch image trigger.  
The two models feature two different ultraviolet
The AM413MT is an industrial purpose Dino-Lite, similar to the
AM413T but with a metal housing.  The AM413MT has magnifcation
ranges of 10X-50X and 200X.  The aluminum alloy housing is
attractive and durable.  
The AD4013TL has adjustable magnification of 10-92X (135X with
digital zoom) with high-resolution (1280x1024) and calibrated
measurement (Windows only).  The AD413TL has the enhanced
working distance (EWD) feature, giving  magnification at greater
distances than normal (up to 14.4cm (5.7") from an object.  This
microscope has interchangeable nozzles.  It includes a regular
open nozzle and a protective sealed nozzle.  An optional
right-angle view nozzle (MSFCMA1) is available.
The AM413T is a high-resolution microscope with
measurement capability and the microtouch feature.
Fr ee Shipping
for all orders $100 and up until Dec 16/11.
The AM413ZT has adjustable magnification of 10-92X and 200X with
high-resolution (1280x1024), micro-touch trigger, and calibrated
measurement (Windows only).  The AM413ZT also has a polarizer
feature, which helps to reduce glare when viewing reflective
Here is an example image taken without, then with the polarizer.
The AD413ML is an industrial purpose Dino-Lite with enhanced
working distance and replaceable nozzles.  This microscope can
also be used with a 90 degree inspection adapter, useful for
examination inside pipes, looking under surface-mount
components, and other applications.

The AM3011 has a USB2.0 interface for fast
data transfers and an array of 8 illuminating

We have other microscopes and accessories
in stock!  The form at this link can be used
to request more information.  

The AM2011 is the most affordable
Dino-Lite, with 640 x 480 resolution and 4
LEDs for illumination.

The AM3011T has a USB2.0 interface for fast
data transfers and an array of 8 LED for
illumination.  Its body colour is medium gray.

The AD3613TL has a high refresh rate (60fps) for
the best possible performance in situations where
hand-to-eye interaction is needed in the viewing
area.  It is compatible with the UVC (USB video
class) standard.
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