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By: 604 Munchies  09-12-2011
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I’ve never tried a Dosa before and Marvs been telling me he’d take me to the House of Dosa!  But alas, we still haven’t gone to try it out.  SO, he decided to take me to Krishna’s Dosa Grill   This is attached to the Richmond Public Market.   I drive past RPM often enough and have never noticed this restaurant here(I think I’ve been more concentrated on not being hit by someone shooting out of the parking lot lol), so I was pretty surprised when Marv said it was at RPM!

Krishna’s Dosa Grill
8260 Westminister Highway, Richmond BC
Tel:  (778) 297-4047

Keywords: Restaurant

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604 Munchies - dessert

BG and I were given the princess treatment and were dropped off at the door first On our way in, we both noticed a couple of kids carrying a sundae in giant cups….I couldn’t help but do the awkward stop.stare.turn head.continue staring. The last time Marv ‘n I came to Seattle, we had forgotten to come, but this time we were determined!(well at least I was lol) Thanks to BB ‘n BG for agreeing to take me here.


604 Munchies - chinese

Ever since I had my first Baked BBQ Pork Bun, without a fail, I will order this whenever I see it. Another visit to Neptune Seafood Restaurant and this time, we are joined by Food For Buddha. This was nice as the pancake wasn’t too thick and there was ample filling inside. We went with the Sweet Peanut Butter Pancake and the Mango Pudding. Lol, I think he ended up eating pretty much the entire thing.


604 Munchies - fast food

Yeah, this place was so out of place, hahaha but we had to give it a try, and BB went with their crab rangoon, One bite and it was straight into the garbage, LOL this was horrible dude. This place was super crowded and it was making fresh cheese on the side, so I’m already assuming this is a cheese place and what else to grab in a cheese place than mac n cheese.


604 Munchies - hot pot

This was quite tasty, I only dared to eat a couple of pieces from this side, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to use my tastebuds for the rest of the night lol. I am such a weakling when it comes to spicy foods, so I went with the simple broth side =) The right is a Curry Soup base. I would prefer it with a bit more mashed potatoes though, but then again I love anything with lots of potato in it lol.


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Hahahaha This is a rather new Denny’s branch out here in richmond. Colleen should get a rewards card or something. Denny’s 10211 St Edwards Dr. You get a free burger.