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By: 604 Munchies  09-12-2011
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Another visit to Neptune Seafood Restaurant and this time, we are joined by Food For Buddha!   Mmm.any reason to have dim sum is good enough for me!    We had high expectations since our last visit here was pretty good.  We were hoping it would remain the same…but have you ever noticed how if you return to a restaurant where you had a great meal, you come out somewhat disappointed the 2nd time??

Anyways, onwards with the food!   Shrimp Dumplings is always a must order for us.  Unfortunately this was smaller than last time.  We need more shrimp!! lol  Why am I not surprised that Marv ordered the Pork Hock.   Lol, I think he ended up eating pretty much the entire thing!  He seemed to really enjoy this as he slurped away at the table.

Ever since I had my first Baked BBQ Pork Bun, without a fail, I will order this whenever I see it.  It would’ve been better had it been baked a bit longer, another fail.  Next to it came the Custard Buns. We didn’t try this one, please check out BG’s take on it!  =)

Next up was the Shrimp Spring Rolls.  We enjoyed this dish the most.  The exterior wrap was light and remained crisp.  On the right is the Chive pancake.  This was nice as the pancake wasn’t too thick and there was ample filling inside.

Yes, an order of Pork Intestines and Tofu came to the table.  I really enjoyed the peanuts that came along with the dish lol!  Other than that, there was too much tofu and too little intestine…boo!  To the right is their Deep Fried Dumpling Pastry.  I love eating these, however it was far too small and didn’t have much filling inside.  Another dish that’s a miss!

Another staple to dim sum is their Siu Mai’s. These were also a bit smaller than usual.  To the right is the Pan Fried Pork Buns. There was a lot of bun and hardly any meat.  It took me a few bites before I got to taste any meat.

Minced Pork and Chinese Sausage on Rice is one of my favourite things to eat!  This was pretty good, I would’ve preferred more soy sauce on the rice though.  To the right is the Curry Cuttlefish.  This dish was all for BG

For our dessert items, we went with the Sweet Peanut Butter Pancake and the Mango Pudding. I enjoyed the pancake dessert, but with the extra sugar on top, it was far too sweet.  Had it been lightly sprinkled, it would’ve easily been my favourite of the day.  The mango pudding had a thick mangoey goo in the center.  I found the whipped cream and the cocktail cherry to be unnecessary.

Overall, food here was okay today.  I’m hoping the next time we come back here for dim sum, it’ll be more like our first experiene.

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Keywords: Whipped Cream

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