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By: Intereality  09-12-2011
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With Matrix®, CoreLogic® MarketLinx® sets a powerful new standard for MLS system software. Choosing the right enterprise-level application software is the single most important decision an MLS will make. See why some of the nation's largest, most prominent MLS providers have selected Matrix above all others.

MLS Features

Matrix includes a sophisticated search building interface. Searches can be added, removed, or modified while the system is live and under load using the easy-to-use Design Editor. Working closely with each customer, CoreLogic MarketLinx helps create default search screens with a focus on both style and efficiency. Search functionality can be easily maintained by MLS staff or CoreLogic MarketLinx.

Matrix includes an easy-to-use display builder that gives the MLS control over all search result displays. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, the display builder makes it easy to format results in a variety of ways, including single line, thumbnail, abbreviated, and full search results. Changes are updated on the live system instantly, and can even be made while the production system is under full load.

The Matrix admin panel enables dynamic management of the entire MLS system. User controls strictly regulate access to the system and can easily be administered by MLS staff. System exports allow the MLS to establish custom-designed data feeds that agents can select and utilize. News and event details can be maintained and prioritized through the admin panel, which also provides complete control over numerous agent settings such as Market Watch and Hotsheet defaults.

Security is a cornerstone of the Matrix MLS system, which features numerous hardware and software safeguards. If desired by the MLS, a shadow deployment can be established for disaster recovery purposes. Matrix is designed to work with many of the industry’s leading security companies, including products and services from both Clareity Security and RSA. Using methods ranging from strong authentication to enterprise-level antivirus and encryption, CoreLogic MarketLinx works vigilantly to ensure the security of our customers' systems and their valuable data.

CoreLogic MarketLinx has extensive experience operating some of North America's largest, most complex MLS data sharing relationships. Understanding the unique requirements and data structure of each partner is fundamental to the success of a complex data-sharing project, while focus on efficient database structure is critical to creating a lightning-fast front-end system. CoreLogic MarketLinx prides itself on its professional project management and expertise managing combined data sets.

CoreLogic MarketLinx is a proponent of IDX (Internet Data Exchange) to foster cooperation between brokers and unify real estate communities. Matrix offers various broker and agent IDX tools, such as full RETS access, links to listing data, and comprehensive public searches. CoreLogic MarketLinx works closely with customers to provide the exact style and quantity of data prescribed for display on agent and broker web sites. If desired by the MLS, CoreLogic MarketLinx can even allow public access to advanced IDX searching, comprehensive listing data, tax data, and rich mapping layers.

Multilingual support is fundamental to the Matrix architecture, offering agents the ability to instantly switch languages at any time, from any screen. With the ability to display system labels and information in virtually any language, Matrix is an ideal solution for regions with diverse populations.

Agent Features

The Matrix Speedbar is one of the most remarkable MLS system innovations in recent years. From listing records and tax records to agents and search shortcuts, the Speedbar dramatically reduces the time required to perform searches of any kind within the system. Enter any value to immediately search across the entire system across all table types. Easy-to-learn shortcuts make searching faster than you ever dreamed possible.

With Matrix count-on-the-fly, agents see a real-time count of exactly how many listings match their criteria before ever submitting a query. Lightning-fast feedback makes it easy for agents to quickly create a search that yields the desired number of results.

Matrix Mobile offers agents a quick and easy way to access the MLS while on the go. Built for simplicity and speed, Matrix Mobile directly accesses the Matrix system to provide a host functionality. Full searching, photos, mapping, speedbar and listing carts are just a few of the included features.

With the Matrix client portal, agents can provide personalized information delivery for their buyers and sellers. Agents can extend their brand with a custom web site banner, and clients can take control of their home search experience by searching for properties, viewing full listing details and maps, and categorizing listings according to their level of interest. Matrix then provides agents with detailed client activity and portal usage statistics.

Matrix utilizes industry leading mapping technology to enhance agent and client property information. CoreLogic MarketLinx has fostered partnerships with multiple mapping providers in order to provide an accurate and appealing MLS mapping experience. Bird’s eye view, street view, satellite view, and driving directions are just a few of the many options available to end users.

Matrix provides a broad range of hotsheet options and functionality. Agents can use a standard system hotsheet or create custom hotsheets to suit their unique needs. Change of status, price, dates, and a variety of other details can all be included in agent-customized hotsheets. This essential functionality keeps agents up to date on the latest market conditions.

Matrix simplifies and economizes listing maintenance. The system offers an easy-to-use input wizard that automatically geocodes properties and allows the saving of incomplete records. MLS staff can create and customize listing templates using the built-in listing input work area.

Keywords: Real Estate

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