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By: Resolve  09-12-2011

Workshops are short, focused courses for those already working day-to-day in Vectorworks. These workshops have smaller class sizes and more time for Q & A and individual discussion than our introductory courses. Workshops can be either be taught in computer labs, or done in a BYOL (bring your own laptop) format, allowing us to present these courses nearly anywhere, including your office meeting room.

Length - 1 day

Prerequisite: Working experience in Vectorworks that includes 2D drawing and editing, basic file organization (classes, layers, viewports).

Vectorworks users frequently tell us one of these two stories, "I use Vectorworks everyday, but only at a basic level, and I don't feel I'm using it efficiently", or "I learned how to use Vectorworks many versions back, and don't use many of the new features". If you fall into one or both of these categories, this course is for you. This fast-paced, day-long workshop is intended to fill in gaps in knowledge, teach shortcuts, and provide clarity on best working methods for general use of Vectorworks. The workshop focus is on 2D drawing techniques, efficient file organization, and best practices for DWG import and export. It will also introduce file referencing through design layer viewports and referenced file resources. Bring your questions to the class, we'll cover as much as possible from the issues brought by class participants.

3D Modeling and Rendering

Length - 2 days
Prerequisite: Any of the Vectorworks Fundamentals courses, orworking experience in Vectorworks that includes 2D drawing and editing,basic file organization (classes, layers, viewports).

Through a combination of short exercises and longer tutorials, this two-day course covers the fundamentals of 3D solids modeling, architectural modeling, basic methods of lighting a model, how to create and place realistic textures on models, and how to enhance renderings with backgrounds and image props. The course will also discuss the Vectorworks - file organization features as they apply to a 3D workflow, including assigning classes for textures, use of viewports and section viewports for 3D views, design layer viewports in the modeling process, and Stack Layers mode for viewing assembled models.

Length - 1 day
Prerequisite: Working experience in Vectorworks that includes basic 3D modeling.

This course covers the creation and use of 3D terrain models, and aworkflow for 3D site design, including: types of source data; methodsof terrain model creation; use as an analysis tool; site visualizationand rendering; use with texture beds and hardscapes; site modifiers;and grading. While primarily aimed at users of Landmark, this course isalso appropriate for Vectorworks Architect users who wish to useterrain models for site planning and visualization.

Length - 1 day
Prerequisite: Working experience in Landmark that includes 2D drawing and editing, file organization (classes, layers, viewports).

This workshop will show you how to set up an office-wide plantlibrary that makes best use of Landmark's features, and a workflow thatallows you to go from design presentation to 3D drawing to workingdrawing without redrawing. The course will cover the Place Plant Tool,Plant Database, the set-up of hybrid (2D/3D) plant objects withmultiple classes, and how to structure library and database on theoffice network.

Setting Up Architectural CAD Standards

Length -1 day
Prerequisites: Working experience in Vectorworks that includes 2D drawing and editing, basic file organization (classes, layers, viewports).

Learn the principles of an efficient system of structured templates, libraries and workspace that suits architectural working drawings. Learn the Bbasic choices your office will need to make, and many tips and tricks on using Vectorworks efficiently. Use the CAD manager features of Vectorworks to distribute your office standards across the network.

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