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By: Run For The Ferry  09-12-2011
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We thank our generous sponsors:

Your sponsorship of Bowen Island’s Annual Run for the Ferry will directly help create affordable housing options. Bowen Community Housing Association works to help alleviate the problems of affordable housing on Bowen and to create a template for other communities facing this same issue.

Bowen Island has long been a haven for pioneers. A hundred years ago, people came to stake a claim to a few acres of forest and stayed to raise families and give their names to many of our local roads and landmarks. Over the years, many people have moved to the island to find peace, tranquility, and an affordable place to live. Young families and artists, empty nesters and free spirits made Bowen Island a safe place to live and work.

All that has changed. In the 21st Century, only the most well-heeled pioneers can afford to stake a claim to a lot on Bowen Island! As housing prices soar and rents increase, we are losing young people, artists, workers, and hundreds of other valued citizens who can no longer afford a place to live. Many small businesses are now facing staffing problems because there is little affordable housing for employees.

When you support Run for the Ferry, you help the BCHA stake a claim to become a new kind of pioneer—one who values a diversity of population only achievable when all our citizens can be housed.

Keywords: ferry

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