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By: Webacom  09-12-2011

Who are you and why are you here?

In history, the word “branding” means “to burn.” It refers to the practice of burning your mark (or brand) onto your products. Branding and Logo Design is used to identify and distinguish a specific product, service, or business. Many people regard logos, branding and corporate identity as all the same, but we know the differentiators, and how they work.

Brand Concepts

Successfully getting your corporate brand into the market will allow people to distinguish the psychological aspect from the experiential aspect. Experiential branding aspects include all points of contact with your brand known as the brand experience. Psychological aspects also referred to as the brand image is a symbolic association between mind and expectations from the product of service.

We seek to develop and align the overall expectations behind your brand experience while also showcasing your certain qualities or characteristics that make your products or services unique from your competition. Also know as a USP or unique selling proposition.

Brand Recognition

Once we build your brand and logo to become widely known in the market place, it acquires brand recognition. It builds furthermore into brand franchise as it receives a huge amount of positivity from within the marketplace. A goal in the brand recognition process is to have the market place identify your brand without the name of your company present. And even further more without seeing your brand at all. For example, who comes to mind when you hear, “That was easy”. Yes, Staples among many others have done extremely well with their brand campaigns. How about, “I’m lovin’ it”? Don’t even need to say who that is right?

Visual Brand Identity

The perception of your brand and logo is highly influenced by its visual presentation as it identifies the overall look of your marketing communications. We achieve effective visual brand identity by using all of your visual elements that create distinction consistently such as fonts, colours, and graphical elements. At the core of every brand identity is your brand mark, or logo.

Our Brand Building Strategies

We use various strategies and consumer engagement channels to build brands. In the early days, TV was the most effective but nowadays most viewers either ignore the ads or use PVR and skip past them. So we use the most effective tools including the Internet in order to attract the attention of the consumers to your brands. Utilizing new media, your own website, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter in combination with ongoing public relations, exhibitions, events, and sometimes broadcast media will drastically change the way your brand are identified and respected in the market place.

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