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By: Webacom  09-12-2011

Creative advertising makes you look twice

Advertising is a form of communication intended to encourage your viewers, readers or listeners to take action. We seek to generate increased consumption of your products or services involving the repetition of an image or product name in an effort to associate related qualities with your

in the minds of consumers. Different types of media can be used to deliver these messages, including traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor or direct mail however more importantly these days, the


Creative advertising takes the communication to a new level and will entertain first and sell second. This form of advertising has become increasingly important as brands fight for their market share. With millions of ads vying for attention, your advertising must be unique and stand out or risk failure.

Consumers have grown tired of the advertisements that try to “push” them towards buying which is why the most successful advertisements these days are based on “pull” advertising. We now must play in our customer’s world which is a major shift from traditional strategies. People don’t want to turn on the TV or go online and be bombarded with ads and will even use devices such as PVRs to avoid them.

Strategy and planning is the first stage of a successful campaign and often overlooked. Knowing and understanding your audience can sometimes be a challenge but we have the insights to get an inside view of a customer’s buying habits, behaviors, and trends. By discovering their needs, we put together effective strategies to influence the success of your campaign.

Internet strategies must be cutting edge and utilize all of the latest technologies. 


, and

are things we identify and evaluate constantly to ensure all opportunities are integrated into our client’s campaigns.

Promotional advertising can be a highly beneficial. By creating coupons, contests, and/or in-store displays, you can drive your consumers in the direction you wish. It depends on what you’re selling and to who but we will work with you to identify these things and create the smartest plan of action.

Our goal is to create highly interesting and entertaining viral advertising programs while identifying individuals with high Social Networking Potential (SNP) and creating viral messages that appeal to this segment of the population.

You have the opportunity to gain as much exposure as a Super Bowl TV ad for a fraction of the investment with zero media buying costs.

Most people throw away print materials after they get them but they’ll keep the materials that show a uniqueness of design and high impact message that people will hold onto for years to come – so people will remember you when they need your product or service.

Whether it’s a simple business card, rack card, a tri-fold brochure or a complex mail out package – allow us to work with you to create enticing imagery and create positive lasting impressions with customers.

Guerilla advertising is an interesting concept and often the most fun. It was invented as an unconventional system of promotions relying on time, sweat and imagination rather than a big budget. Our objectives with guerilla advertising is to use unusual approaches such as using public places, street giveaways, PR stunts, and anything else to get maximum results from minimal resources.

We use public relations (PR) as part of managing communication between your company and the public to gain exposure to your audience. PR includes speaking at conferences, working with the media, crisis management, social media engagement, and overall communications. We can help build rapport with your employees, customers, and the general public.

There is an increasing need for PR for various types of industries including the corporations, government, educational institutions, nonprofits, and athletic teams.

We have the skills to write clearly, speak clearly, and think analytically because in the field of PR there is constant communication with the public. We also think critically so we can determine resolutions to problems you may face. We will provide only smart advice to benefit your image and your bottom line.

Well written content is extremely important if you want to make the right impression with your customers. It’s also often overlooked by site designers who walk away from a job when the graphics and navigation are done, leaving you to write the content yourself.

Great writing requires an understanding of your industry and your demographic, as well as the ability to use compelling language that keeps visitors reading.

People prefer being spoken to in different tones based on age, gender and even geographic region. They appreciate clear, descriptive text without a lot of jargon or industry slang. Do you feel like your copy has a customer centric approach? That the language you’ve used speaks to them about the issues they care about? If it doesn’t, they may go somewhere else to buy!

You can never go wrong when you hire a professional for your copywriting needs online. It is the best thing you can do if you desire to build credibility with the visitors to your online business.

Image is everything and poor image quality can be detrimental to your business. When developing marketing campaigns we require high quality images for just about everything including your

(design & content), printed materials (rack cards & brochures),

, power point presentations and video productions.

We get to know your project and objectives then take the time to understand your photography requirements. We provide all aspects of photography, shooting and editing so you don’t get overwhelmed with editing and correcting your own photos.

You retain the copyright for all images and a DVD can be requested with print and web ready files so that you can use them to reproduce as required without restriction or additional costs.

Our photographers know how to get the job done right and deliver innovative photography solutions. We are able to do this because we are business people who love photography and know that the better your images, the better your overall project.

We do our best to work with you to develop a solution that provides you with great results at a fair price.

Professional video production, or videography, is the art and service of videotaping, editing, and distributing a finished video product. This includes television production, commercial video production, viral video production, and corporate/event videos.

Living in a highly visual and accelerated society, people almost demand entertainment and instant gratification. We need to be sure to communicate with them in a fast and powerful way. Video is one of the most effective tools available and a universal medium that everyone can understand.

All of our video productions are organized to ensure that the process is a seamless one, and the final result is as envisioned. Creating storyboards, scouting locations, and managing the budget ahead of time allows your production process to be free of unnecessary worry.

With unlimited access to DVD/BluRay players, computers, and the Internet, video gives you the power to effectively and quickly distribute your message to a large audience.

In alliance with popular video sharing sites in particular YouTube (now the 2nd largest search engine), you can stream your entire video or break it up into a series to generate ‘buzz’ and the yearning for more. Embedding high quality and professional video(s) on your own website will give it a huge push towards self-generating leads.

In addition Google and many other search engines now display what we call ‘universal’ search results. These results are a hybrid of maps, images, videos, books and standard web page listings.

TV is a slowing medium lately but still a highly effective way to reach the masses. It’s a common medium that attracts interest and gets the message across easily. And according to the Nielsen ratings, an audience measurement system in the United States, there are an estimated 114.9 million television households in the United States alone.

Although our overall marketing landscape is in the midst of a massive shift, so is the iconic medium of television. The standard methods of delivery and measurement need to adapt to what us marketers need today. Return on investment for our customers are the most crucial aspect of our marketing campaigns.

Through our guidance we can make your TV commercial a highly effective sales tool in communicating your message consistently which is vital to your success. When a commercial is done right it is entertaining, informative, and gives a high return on investment.

There is a lot to know about video production from evolving technologies to the art of filmmaking. There are lighting issues, framing decisions, background and sound choices that add up to a very distinguishable quality. Not trying to overcomplicate things but having a video produced by professionals is comparable to having a home built by professionals. Most importantly, you get a consistent, high quality delivery of your corporate message every time.

Over the years, we’ve produced a wide variety of successful videos. Every client’s needs are different and we pride ourselves on efficiently delivering customized video for each. Together, we can make a professional high quality presentation that greatly exceeds your company’s expectations.

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