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By: Run Free Canine Centre Langley  09-12-2011
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Run Free Canine Centre – Langley » Hydrotherapy


Angus came to us after under going surgery for IVDD (Intervertebal Disc Disease).  When he first came to our hydrotherapy pool, his back legs were paralyzed, but with patience and many visits to the pool Angus is now starting to use his back legs.  We have now also got Angus on the Re-Gen Max (natural health supplement)  which has also helpes in his recovery.

Welcome to the Run Free Canine Centre Hydrotherapy for rehabilitation and conditioning.

Our pool size is 18′x33′, and water is 82F or 27 degree for therapy and conditioning dog.
We also have jet resistant training for working and sports dogs.

What’s the benefit of swimming?

  • Non impact on the bones, tendons and joints.
  • Increasing heart rate & oxygen consumption improving overall aerobic & cardiovascular fitness.
  • Warm water increases the circulation of blood to the muscles, leading to muscle relaxation and a reduction in pain and stiffness.
  • Improves circulation reduces swelling around an injured area and enhances healing from injury.
  • Improves general fitness and cardiovascular stamina.
  • Improves muscle tone and helpful in recovering from injury or surgery and improves fitness, especially in the management of obesity.

What conditions can benefit from Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is Greek word which means water healing.

Hydrotherapy is known to improve the over all health and general fitness level of canines.
It can help YOUR dog with:

  • Pre and post operative conditions
  • Arthritis—relieves pain, swelling & stiffness
  • Hip & elbow dysplasia
  • Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD)
  • Spinal injuries and paralysis
  • Cruciate ligaments injuries
  • Muscle strengthening, maintenance and restoration
  • Cardiovascular fitness (hearts & lungs)
  • Obesity (weight loss in conjunction with diet)
  • And swimming just for fun! Teach your puppy to swim!

Some people say “why not take them to your nearest lake to save money?” but this may end up causing more discomfort, due to the many hazards such as poisonous algae, injury from slipping down muddy banks or injuring themselves on unseen hazards, such as sharp sticks, or discarded metal object or broken glass or the danger of them getting out of there depth. Also the cold water can reduce blood circulation, where as in a controlled environment the warm water of the heated pool combined with the jets has a massaging effect which promotes circulation and helps to reduce swelling.


  • $40 per session per dog (half hour), 50% off for 2nd & 3rd dog (shared time with the first dog)
  • Buy 5 swimming sessions get one free
  • Group rate $100 per hour up to 4 dogs
  • Hydrotherapy membership $150/year, swim as many times as you like for $25 per session.
  • Package deal is available upon request. Build a custom program for your dog’s specific needs, such as boarding, swim, training or day care, training, socializing.
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