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By: Nutrilife Products  09-12-2011
Keywords: Plants, growth

Bio-Cat has been scientifically formulated to provide all the essential ingredients and live cultures to support the rapid growth of over 47 different beneficial micro-biological organisms.

The importance and role of beneficial micro-organisms in fostering plant growth, nutrient uptake and promoting plant health is one of the most misunderstood and neglected subject in agriculture. This is especially true of the hydroponics and horticultural industry, which attempts to create a sterile growing environment.

Soil scientists such as Dr. N.A. Krasilinikov author of Soil Micro-organisms and Higher Plants, have established that beneficial soil micro-biological organisms provide a "definite and considerable influence on the growth and development of plants, and consequently on crop yield”. (p 265)


Reduces Fertilizer Applications - A Natural Source of Nitrogen - Stabalizes Reservior pH


001-BCAT-00300 300 gr 12/case
001-BCAT-01500 1.5 Kg 4/case
001-BCAT-07000 7 Kg each
001-BCAT-12000 12 Kg each

How it Works:

By creating a biologically active solution, Bio-Cat enhances and advances the science of hydroponics and plant
horticulture for those who are employing inorganic or organic nutrients for the growing of plants.

The biologically active solution consists of organic and inorganic nutrients inoculated with selected micro-organisms to create a living environment, which enhances the growth, development, taste, smell and texture of fruits and vegetables.

Bio-Cat uses a broader spectrum of trace elements than traditional hydroponics. Furthermore, Bio-Cat establishes the Kreb’s cycle in nutrient reservoirs, (a complex chemical reaction essential to the manufacture and breakdown of plant acids) and builds a mixed colony of growth promoting micro-organisms.

Advantages of Bio-Cat

The beneficial micro-biological organisms in Bio-Cat enhances organic and “sterile” inorganic nutrient solutions in the following ways:

  • Bio-Cat helps reduce the need for frequent nutrient changes. A mixed colony of non-pathogenic beneficial microbes will support each other with their metabolites, creating a self-regulating environment without the recurring imbalances in pH and nutrient levels found in “sterile” inorganic nutrient solutions.
  • Bio-Cat organisms help prevent trace elements from “locking up” and stabilize pH.
  • Bacteria increases the rate of photosynthesis. In a number of plants the microbial action doubles the rate of photosynthesis, which means that crop production is less affected by diminished light availability.

Keywords: growth, Plants

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