Our Services : Marnor Transport - Marnor Holdings Ltd

By: Marnor Transport  09-12-2011
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Our Services : Marnor Transport - Marnor Holdings Ltd.

1. Over-dimensional and Heavy Haul
MHL Transport's over-dimensional and heavy haul business has a combined 49 years of experience between three people bringing on-road experience in the office to better facilitate your important freight to the driver on the road. We feel there is no one more passionate or dedicated than our team.

2. Contract Freight
This is where MHL Transport began 28 years ago and still takes a great deal of pride in providing and understanding the importance of on-time dedicated same-lane service. While providing substantial savings for customers that are working with higher volume freight movements.

3. Logistics
MHL Transport's logistics division provides companies with over 28 years of experience in all lanes to customers who want to take the headache out of managing their freight, from the smallest parcels to tractors and airplanes. MHL Transport is especially excited about this because we are a trucking company first. We realize the importance of being cost effective. Alot of companies out-source their freight movements to qualified logistics companies and that's great. MHL Transport offers logistic solutions inclusive in its trucking rates to save you between 10 to 20% of your shipping costs. For example a company spending $100,000 a year, will save $10,000 minimum dealing with MHL Transport. Now THAT is exciting!

4. Emergency Freight
For last minute, last second, or just plain forgotten about freight, MHL Transport will save the day. Call the emergency freight line at (604) 807-2291.

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