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 homeowners aerate their lawns in early spring or the fall before it is time to seed and before the ground freezes. Aeration means ‘to ventilate’ or ‘to provide air’ and there are two ways to do this to ones lawn: one way is by ‘coring’ or pulling out ‘plugs’ of soil and grass and the other way is through ‘spike’ aeration or slicing deep ‘cuts’ into the lawn to break up the packed down soil. Both of these methods of aeration allows the soil and roots to receive water and air they desperately need in order to grow straighter and healthier blades of grass. 

Homeowners with larger lawns, or those who simply want better results, have a professional lawn care company come to their home and use the ‘core’ method of aeration on their lawn. By extracting cores of soil from a lawn, an individual is breaking up the knotted roots and thatched soil in order to allow water and air to penetrate deeper into the soil and reach the roots so that the grass grows straighter and greener, healthier. 

After core aeration is completed, it may be tempting to pick up all the ‘plugs’ but it is best to leave them lying on the lawn because the soil plugs provide needed nutrients for the growing grass and they will eventually dissipate and become part of the lawn again.

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