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By: Awning Sparkle  09-12-2011
Keywords: Fabrics

Most people are unaware that industrial fabric manufacturers recommend some type of maintenance cleaning as early as 90 days after installation. Whether your fabric is newly installed or years older, the sooner you act the longer your fabric will last against the ravages of acid rain, smog, soot, exhaust and the sun.

Cleaning - We use biodegradable cleaners to clean all types of fabrics, from sensitive banners and backlites to heavy open weave materials. The cleansers act with a solubilizing action to make the fabric's surface slippery so dirt and grime will no longer adhere.

Sealing - Our sealers help keep your fabrics looking great and can last over two years when professionally applied. The non-stick chemical barrier left behind minimizes the accumulation of dirt and pollutants while helping to protect the surface from UV damage and stains. Please call to book a free test section cleaning--no charge

Keywords: Fabrics