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By: U Networks  09-12-2011
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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Key questions about your backup plan:

Are your backups automated?

If your backups aren't automated, whose job is it to make sure they get done on time, and often enough? If you only backup once a day, are you willing to lose an entire days work? Not all information can be re-produced.

Do you regularly test your backups?

If you don't test them, how do you know it works?

Do you backup your entire server or just specific files?

Is all your work being backed up, or just pieces? If a program stores it's data in a different location, will it also be backed up? How long would it take to rebuild the remainder of your files?

Are you still using tapes?

The Enterprise Storage Group reports a 60% failure rate for traditional tape media and backups. The estimated recovery time from a server crash is 16-40 hours. How much does one hour of downtime cost you?

Who monitors your backups?

Who reads your backup reports to make sure it is still working? How long after your backups start malfunctioning until someone notices?

What to look for in a backup system

  • Simple & automated
  • Monitored
  • Frequency of backups
  • Speed to restore or test
  • Affordability
  • Secure, encrypted off-site storage

Are you confident in your current backup & disaster recovery strategy?

Learn about one of the backup options we offer and why we think it's a no-brainer for small and medium businesses.

unetworks BDR unit


  • Very fast disaster recovery process. Usually less than 30 minutes.
  • Near real-time backups-as frequent as every 15 minutes.
  • Secure, encrypted off-site storage at an affordable cost.
  • Monitored by experienced technicians.
  • Quickly restore small amounts of lost files or e-mails.
  • Affordable.

Near Real-Time Backups

Our backup technology allows your server to be backed up every 15 minutes without downtime. This means you can go back to the exact point where data was lost.

On-site Virtual Server

If any of your servers fail, our server virtualization technology embedded in the backup device allows your servers and applications to be restored and rebooted in less than 30 minutes in most cases. In most cases, you need to wait a minimum of 24 hours for replacement parts to arrive for your servers. With this solution, you can be back up and running exactly how you were before without even having a technician on-site.

A Complete Image

Every last bit of information on your server is backed up. Nothing is missed in an exact digital duplicate of your server. This means all your applications and data will look and function exactly how it did before the disaster.

Flexible restoration

Accidentally overwrite a file, or lose an e-mail? Quickly restore it in only a few minutes.

In case of a complete server failure, we can even restore to any available machine.

Multiple Restore Points

If you got a virus and didn't notice, would you just backup the virus? If a file got corrupted last month and you didn't know until the day you needed it, would you have a copy?

Go back an hour, a week, or two months. Our solution allows for multiple version of files, e-mails and databases to be stored.

Secure Remote Storage

Are you transporting unencrypted backups in your car? After imaging your servers, the backup device encrypts the data and transmits it to a secure off-site location where it remains that way. The data is never decrypted and since only you have the key, no one can access your data.

Transmitting data to a remote site is a key component of a backup plan. It guarantees that, in case of physical damage, theft, or even a regional disaster, your data is safe. Encryption is an important step because it greatly reduces the risk of data loss incidents that are common with tape and many other backup systems.

If any backup units are damaged or destroyed, a replacement unit pre-loaded with all stored data will be shipped overnight to your location.

Managed & Monitored

Most backups go unchecked for months or even years before being checked on. Your backup could have stopped working and you wouldn't find out until it's too late. Our network operations centre monitors your backup units and the attached servicers 24/7. Failed backups immediately alert our engineers who will often begin correcting errors within minutes of receiving notification.

Affordable Cost

We offer all of this at a fixed price with no hidden costs. A single price includes all hardware, software and warranty for the lifetime of the unit.

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unetworks - it assurance

If by some odd chance your network goes down, if you get a virus, a hacker invasion, or any other problem that requires clean up and fixing, we will do all of the work necessary to restore your network back to full speed with no additional service fees to you. We guarantee that we will be able to detect, diagnose, and PREVENT any type of network problem from escalating into down-time.