On Site Company and Customer Orientation

By: San Marco Cranes  09-12-2011

We have factory certified staff who can orient your companies operations staff our your customers operations staff in the use of all San Marco� self erecting cranes.

This is a key feature in self erecting crane usage as in many cases and applications self erecting cranes can be operated directly by a customer's own operations staff at the construction project site. This provides a significant cost reduction benefit to the users of self erecting cranes as the crane operator can also work as the crane rigger! 

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Technical Support | San Marco Cranes

All technical supervision and/or orientation staff supplied at the distributor level to dealers and customers will be dispatched from Canada at specified rates plus travel and per diem costs. International SLR in North America and as the factory authorized warranty representative will deal with all items covered by the factory warranty inside North America.


Sales, Marketing & Business Development Support

Business development, sales and marketing support will also include printed materials, digital images and access to the www.eaglewestequipment.com intranet site. We have the expertise and experience to provide these services as related to crane rental, sales and technical service for the entire San Marco product line. We support our dealers with a wide range of business development, sales and marketing programs and services.


Services | San Marco Cranes

As a fully operational crane service and rental company we understand firsthand what it means to receive proper factory/distributor support at all times and how such support can add to the overall profitability of your business. As a crane distribution company we have committed ourselves to ensuring top quality customer service to all of our Dealers and their customers. Our commitment is to integrity, transparency, directness and fairness.