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By: Paradigm Ministries  09-12-2011
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Pastoral Ministry

In the busyness of every day life, faith and practice can sometimes become blurred.  How does faith intersect the workplace? Shouldn't we seek to better understand the cultures around us?  Shouldn't faith, lived out, have a quality about it that is actually attractive and appealing to those who work and associate with us?

If these are some of the types of issues you or your congregation are currently processing, Paradigm Ministries continues to provide pastors who are available to preach/teach.


Requests for personal coaching are considered on an individual basis.  Paradigm Ministries desires to build strong relationships with individuals where mutual investment in one another is taking place.  David brings a wealth of experience which includes corporate leadership and pastoral ministry, with a geographical breadth ranging from rural Canadian culture through corporate leadership and international development and networking. 



Would you like your church or business to be seen by the community as a vital part of the health and hope for your community?

Congregations and individuals have a genuine desire to help those in need.  And often the type of help that is offered focuses on symptom issues rather than causal ones.  As a result, the need usually does not go away. What would it take to actually see positive sustainable change occuring in your community? 

How do you evaluate whether efforts to assist your community are congruent and balanced with your church’s or business’ purpose and programs? Are these inputs sustainable over the long haul? Which produces the more sustainable result - influencing what people do or what they believe?

These workshops assists participants to think more deeply about Strategic Community Engagement and provide a template for evaluating strategic initiatives from three perspectives (a) the individuals involved (b) the church as a whole, and (c) the recipients of the ministry. Church groups will have opportunity to discuss their community engagement dreams/plans within this framework.

Church Board Development

When this seminar is done, you will ..  

  • have been given the necessary principles upon which you can build a sustainable strategy for your business or church to bring blessing to your community.
  • know how to differentiate between symptom and root causes of today’s issues.
  • understand the two primary requirements for sustainable change to take place.
  • know how to clearly identify your own beliefs and whether or not they align with Biblical teaching.
  • understand the strategic importance of service in your own transformation.
  • understand how your gift mix is utilized in caring for others in need.
  • understand what is required for the Christian business community to be more fully appreciated and utilized.

ARocha National Forum Keynote


  • Business:
    • Principles in shaping a Biblical Corporate Culture

  • Pastoral Leadership:
    • Principles in establishing a strategic plan that engages the congregation in moving out into the community.
    • Integrating an effective missions strategy with your own community outreach.

  • Denominational Leadership
    • Principles to support a holistic approach to church ministry without compromising the Biblical convictions of Evangelicalism.
    • Principles in evaluating sustainable development assistance in international aid

Keywords: church

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