February 2011 | Insight For Living Canada

By: Insight For Living  09-12-2011

by Chuck Swindoll

One of the first weddings I performed as a young pastor had all the promise you could hope for in a marriage. Both in their mid-twenties, both believers, he was a medical student, she was a nurse. It should have been a model marriage filled with peace and joy. Struggles would come, of course, but an enduring hope would get them through the dark days.

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November 2011 | Insight For Living Canada

How do I explain that my biggest fear is the overwhelming anxiety—nearly panic&mdashfilling my soul as soon as I'm alone and all is quiet. Instantly I feel deep regret, shame, and guilt for failing at life. People tell me I'm too busy, that I need to take it easy.


April 2011 | Insight For Living Canada

Since the time Cain refused to give God the first fruits of his crops, humanity has had difficulty properly relating to material things, as they relate to idolatry, materialism, and stewardship.


January 2011 | Insight For Living Canada

Twenty-one years later and, through a fog of insomnia and ego, I attempt an online Bible literacy test. I'm 10-years-old and probably know these stories better than Billy Graham himself, or even Jesus. I demolish it; perfect score.


March 2011 | Insight For Living Canada

What potatoes are to Idaho, manna was to the wandering Hebrews for 40 long years (Exodus 16:35). Mrs. Moses' cookbook surely had a special section on “A Thousand-and-One Ways to Fix Manna..