By: Hutch Consulting  09-12-2011
Keywords: vehicle, Permits, Fuel Tax


Safety Plans

Driver's Manuals

Hearings with NSC

Company operating manual

Hours of Service.

  Logbook Auditing .

•  Fuel Tax.

  • IFTA Fuel TAX
  • Oregon Fuel Tax.
  • NY Fuel Tax.
  • KY Fuel Tax.
  • NM Fuel Tax.

•  Permitting for Over-Dimensional Cargo.

  •   BC, AB. SK, MB, ON, PQ.
  •   All 48 US States.

•  E- Manifest

  • Prepare e-manifest and Submit to customs.

Hours of Service Training:

  • Training for Canadian Hours of Service Regulations.
  • Training for US Hours of Service Regulations.

- Cargo Securement Training:

  • Provide training pertaining to North American Cargo Securement Regulations.
  • Provide Hands on Training for Securing Cargo to the Vehicle.

- Applications and Renewals :

  • Applications for Operating Authorities.
  • Applications for National Safety Code.
  • Application for all permits or licenses. (eg IFTA license, HUT Permit, KY Permits. NM Permits).
  • Application for TWIC.
  • Application for all border crossing requirements.
  • Renew all permits and Licenses.

- Other:

  • Drivers Manual Development.
  • Safety Plan Development.
  • Company Safety Policy Development.
  • Advise provide for all trucking related regulations (WCB. CBSA, BOL regulations).
  • Customized Logbooks, BOL are also provided

- Record Keeping and Compliance.

  • Driver File Records.
    • Driver Application.
    • Driver Training.
    • Driver Abstract .
    • Driver Incident (CVSA inspections)
    • Driver Licenses.
  • Hours of Service Records.
    • Drivers Daily Logs.
    • All supporting documents. (eg. Meal receipts, toll receipt. Fuel receipt)
    • Driver hours (if drive less than 150km radius). .
  • Vehicle Records.
    • Insurance Documents.
    • Vehicle Maintenance Records (with invoices or repair orders).
    • Vehicle Recalls.
    • Vehicle Pre-Trip and Post Trip Reports.
    • Vehicle MVI and/or CVI Records.
    • Vehicle incidents (CVSA inspections).
  • Accidents Records.
    • Accidents Reports.
    • Investigation.
    • Drug and Alcohol Testing (if applicable).
    • Pictures, Diagrams. Driver Statement.

Keywords: Fuel Tax, Permits, vehicle