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By: Grace Fox  09-12-2011

Announcements « Grace Fox

I’m doing a happy dance today…

Wait! That doesn’t sound very spiritual, does it? Perhaps I should say, “I’m feeling very blessed.” Whatever. The reason for my excitement is the same no matter how I express it. What’s it all about? I’ve had some wonderful feedback/ministry opportunities in the past couple of days regarding Moving From Fear to Freedom: A Woman’s Guide to Peace in Every Situation.

One woman called today to say she feels God is telling her to use this book for a year-long study with a group of young mothers involved in the MOMS program (Mentoring Our Mothers Society). She said she read it this summer and found it incredible. Praise the Lord!

Before that phone call ended, my doorbell rang. There stood a woman I’ve met only once, while at a women’s retreat three years ago. She told me how her 30-year-old son died in a motorcycle accident in July, and how this book has transformed her life by giving her the courage to share her life’s journey, including this tragedy, with others. Her copy was  highlighted, and the corners of numerous pages were turned down.

I listened to her testimony in awe, praising God for how He’d directed me to write this book , given me the courage and ability to do the job, and provided a publisher who believed in its message (Harvest House Publishers).

Perhaps you’re looking for a book to share with a friend who’s been recently diagnosed with cancer, or whose marriage has recently broken up. Perhaps you’re in those circumtances yourself and needing encouragement. Maybe you’re looking for a book to study with a group this fall or winter. Consider Moving From Fear to Freedom – it’s making a huge difference in readers’ lives.  It’s available at bookstores everywhere. If you’ve read it and found it to be helpful, would you consider spreading the good word on Facebook and Twitter, or in your own blog? The message about overcoming fear is too important to fall by the wayside! Thank you!

Now read on for today’s devotional…

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Many of our campers had never read a Bible and they’d certainly never heard that a personal relationship with God was possible through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. The word camp often conveys the impression of being rustic – tents and outhouses in the woods, cooking over an open fire and sleeping under the stars.


Announcements « Grace Fox

I want this to be a project that encourages women worldwide to discover their giftedness and develop their God-given potential so they can impact the generations to come. I envision including thought-provoking quotes, short interviews, and stories about women whose lives have made/are making a difference. I’ll kick off with a quote from Mother Teresa: “Let’s be willing to smile at one another, because a smile is the beginning of love.


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Like the teacups from which they sipped, their stories were different from the others, and for good reason—each guest came from a unique background and possessed her own blend of personality and abilities. Rather than being jealous or envious, we can thank God for the design He’s stamped within others’ lives, encourage them to use and develop their gifts, and cheer them on when they succeed.


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He knew he’d missed something somewhere: If he’d stopped breathing, and if his daughter was talking with 911, then he’d best listen and obey. As our visiting 2-year-old grandson and 3- year-old granddaughter watched, our 24-year-old daughter dialed 911 while I tried to revive Gene. I couldn’t drag him to the floor if I tried, and I was afraid of causing more damage to his ribs, but I gave it my best effort.