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By: Discovery Software  09-12-2011
Keywords: school, Student Information, Student Information System

Principalm+ works as an extension to your school’s Student Information System. Data is imported and encrypted for use on your handheld device. It can be used within a single school, or throughout an entire school district of up to 100 schools and 80,000 students.

Contacts Module

  • Student and staff pictures
  • Basic demographics
  • Contact information
  • Medical and legal notes
  • Locker numbers and combinations
  • Parking staff numbers and license plate numbers

Classes Module

  • Student schedules
  • Attendance and grades

Conduct Module

  • Student conduct incidents and histories

Keywords: school, Student Information, Student Information System

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In hallways, school grounds, sporting events, field trips or even at the local mall, you can quickly screen students to ensure that individuals are exactly where they should be according to their schedules. Most schools will experience an increase in positive student behaviors when administrators start using Principalm.


Emergency Preparedness, Safety and Security

You, your staff, as well as emergency personnel, can have immediate access to student information regardless of whether your local area network is available or not, or even in the event of a power outage. You can also keep critical student medical information at your fingertips and have access to it when you need it most: school buses, field trips, playgrounds and corridors.


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Anytime, anywhere access to student information lets you identify students and staff using photos, barcodes or in certain cases RFID scanning. Using Principalm+ ensures that school personnel have dependable, secure and mobile access to student information away from the desktop. You will never have to go back to the school office or call into the office for vital information on your students.


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For more than 25 years, Discovery Software has been developing products with a special focus on evaluation, student information systems and data reporting. Principalm+ is the leading mobile and secure way to access student information on a handheld device. Rubrix is a robust and flexible platform for evaluating virtually anything – anytime.